Conflicts of Interest and Corruption at the European Medicines Agency

Conflicts of Interest and Corruption at the European Medicines Agency

TRIBUNE – The health of the French deserves better than this criminal association.

Initially, the granting of a marketing authorization (MA) was the responsibility of each Member State. A 1993 regulation, replaced by a regularly amended 2004 regulation, established an evaluation agency: the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

The EMA consists of a Management Board of 36 members, most of whom represent the Member States (most often the director or president of their national agency). The Management Board appoints an Executive Director, who is supported by seven expert committees.

The agency is one of a vast category of more or less decentralized bodies, whose names themselves vary (agency, office, observatory, etc.), created to advise the European Commission on technical matters.

The Commission, as a political institution, remains free to follow this advice or not, and it is the Commission that grants the MA. But the EMA, with its expert competence, especially in the medical field, plays a crucial preparatory role.

It seems implausible, but 85.70% of the agency’s operating budget (346 million euros) comes from fees paid by the pharmaceutical industry and only 14.30% from public funding from the European Union…

As an agency of the European Commission, the EMA’s obligations in terms of transparency and access to documents derive from directives stipulating that any document held by the EMA in the course of its activities is in fact a public document.

However, the journal Prescrire has shown that the EMA refuses to communicate many documents, and that those that are transmitted are largely redacted.

Its lack of transparency was denounced when it refused to tell Members of Parliament the basis on which the laboratories that produced the vaccines were chosen and the amount of money paid for them.

The “predictability” of the EMA is so great that the American industry envies it, especially the neo-conservative “think tank” Pacific Research Institute, financed by the bio-technology industry, which militates for less and less government intervention. And for good reason! The day after his departure from the EMA in 2011, Executive Director Thomas Lönngren joined the board of directors of NDA Ltd, a lobbying company serving pharmaceutical companies, which recruited him as a “leading influencer”.

Pantouflage or “revolving doors” is a scourge. In a health sector that is both highly lucrative and highly regulated, companies have a great interest in placing their men in public agencies and implementing this entry strategy.

Italian Guido Rasi was then appointed director of the EMA in 2011, then forced to resign by the European Justice for undeclared conflict of interest, before being reappointed as director of the EMA again in 2015.

The current director, Emer Cooke, spent seven years at EFPIA, the main lobby of the pharmaceutical industry in the European Union, which organizes meetings in the European Parliament with representatives of GSK, Roche, Novartis, Pfizer…

A European audit by the Court of Auditors in 2012 confirms serious problems of conflict of interest within the EMA (and 3 other agencies: EASA (aviation safety) EFSA (food safety) and ECHA (safety of chemicals).

The report points out serious irregularities, with the EMA management favouring the presence, in the scientific committees, of experts in conflict of interest with the pharmaceutical companies whose products they evaluate.

Le Canard Enchaîné revealed that some of the EMA’s experts are employees or own shares in the pharmaceutical companies whose lucrative products they are supposed to evaluate.

Whistleblowers have denounced this problem: “For months, our company has been discreetly paying an expert to lobby for our product. The remuneration is exorbitant, but the most serious thing is that he is an expert at the EMA.”

In the Mediator (ER: which also goes by the name benfluorex, which caused up to 2,000 deaths in France) affair, the General Inspectorate of Social Affairs implicated several French experts, who sat at the European Medicines Agency, in the late banning of Mediator and the subsequent health drama.

The EMA itself offers pharmaceutical companies “scientific advice”, which is invoiced to help them submit their applications for marketing authorizations, particularly conditional ones, such as those for vaccines against cardiovascular disease (cMA).

However, drugs that are put on the market in an accelerated manner are often put on the market at the expense of the quality of the clinical evaluation. Worse, this evaluation is not sufficiently completed after marketing either.

A 2017 report notes “a general acceptance of corruption” within the EMA and:

– a general acceptance of corruption
– ineffective management structures
– inappropriate funding mechanisms
– unequal distribution of resources

“The pharmaceutical industry firmly holds the reins of a vast and richly endowed lobbying machine that has almost systematic access to decision-makers in the Commission […] and the Brussels institutions, including the EMA.”

In June 2020, the EMA made the decision to authorize Gilead’s remdesivir(ER: Anecodotally, this drug is being used in American hospitals, for example, where erstwhile healthy patients end up on dialysis or have other kidney problems.)

The journal Prescrire commented, “Once again, the EMA has been less than rigorous in its relationship with the firms, at the expense of patients and caregivers, who are left in limbo.”

In October, following this seemingly senseless decision, the Commission signed a huge contract with Gilead, even though the company had just learned of the latest WHO study that invalidated the effectiveness of its treatment.

The health of the French people deserves better than a health dictatorship, it deserves a public drug centre, transparent and independent public expertise, a democratic decision-making process, and intelligent, benevolent and non-coercive health policies.

WHO’s Own Database — 2.2 Million Adverse Reactions, 11,536 Deaths: The first step is to stop calling them “vaccines.” They don’t prevent or cure the flu. (Ivermectin does that.)There is a sinister hidden agenda, which may include depopulation, trans humanism, social control, implanted digital ids and operating systems.

Government and business are making a dangerous gene therapy with 2.2 million adverse reactions the condition for employment, education, travel and access to many public spaces.

The first step is to stop calling them “vaccines.” They don’t prevent or cure the flu. (Ivermectin does that.)
There is a sinister hidden agenda, which may include depopulation, trans humanism, social control, implanted digital ids and operating systems.

VigiAccess ( is the World Health Organization’s database of reported adverse drug reactions from around the world. 

Searching “covid-19 vaccine” gives a list of different categories of reactions, with each further broken down into more specific types of side effects.
While the true number of adverse reactions is likely much higher as there are many doctors speaking out about their reports of adverse reactions being dismissed, the quantity and variety of officially recorded adverse reactions is more than enough to make you think twice about complying with vaccine mandates.

Some of the highlights from the list of adverse reactions:
-952,822 reports of nervous system disorders such as tremors, seizures, loss of sensation, Bell’s palsy, and cerebrovascular “accidents”.
-119,464 reports of vascular disorders including hypertension, hypotension, thrombosis (the infamous blood clots), and circulatory collapse.
-108,468 reports of cardiac disorders such as palpitations, tachycardia, myocarditis, pericarditis, cardiac arrest, and cardiac failure.
-647,069 reports of musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, which include muscle spasms, decreased mobility, and spinal pain.
-303,701 reports of skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders including rashes, itching, excessive sweating, cold sweats, blisters, and hair loss.
-85,797 reports of reproductive system disorders, mostly related to menstrual issues but also including erectile dysfunction as well as 92 cases of infertility so far.
-104,221 reports of psychiatric disorders including confusional states, hallucinations, delirium, psychotic disorders, and suicidal ideation.
-30,921 reports of immune system disorders such as anaphylactic shock, allergic reactions, and hypersensitivity
-73,537 reports of ear and labyrinth disorders including vertigo, tinnitus, ear pain, and deafness.
-Buried deep under “General disorders and administration site conditions” are 11,536 deaths.
Despite the vaccines being recommended for pregnant women there are a few thousand reports of spontaneous abortions as well as fetal deaths, stillbirths, and premature deaths.  These incidents are likely to be grossly underreported as there where dozens of pregnant women posting on social media about getting vaccinated only to soon after announce that they had miscarried.

In total, over 2.2 million adverse reactions have been reported to VigiAccess.  69% are females are 30% are males, which could be explained by the fact that women are more likely to see a doctor when feeling ill or perhaps there are yet unknown reasons which put women at higher risk for side effects.

Also, 39% of adverse reactions occurred in people 18-44 years of age, despite this age group being at very low risk for severe illness or death from the covid virus itself.  It would be difficult to make the argument that the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks for this age group.

I have several family members whose jobs are at risk due to vaccine mandates. 

They are being forced to choose between unemployment – without unemployment benefits – or submitting to a vaccine which is proven not to be safe and also is not fulfilling its intended purpose of preventing covid-19.
This is a game of medical Russian roulette.  Sure, most people have no serious reactions but then we have stories like the Denver police officer who can no longer walk after receiving the mandatory vaccine (Denver Police Officer Can’t Walk After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine) or the mother of two children who died from blood clots (Mother of 2 dies from blood clots after getting COVID-19 vaccine).

These people and others were forced to choose between unemployment and vaccination, and it was not a good deal.  
There are also numerous reports of university athletes dying suddenly in recent weeks. 

Most universities and colleges in North America have mandated vaccines for students and staff, yet there is no official investigation into the correlation between the vaccine and these mysterious deaths.  Since when was it normal for people 18-25 years of age to drop dead from unknown causes?

In conclusion, mandated and coerced vaccinations are not only a potential health risk but also a gross violation of civil rights.  If we allow governments and employers to force medical procedures on us then we are opening the door to further abuses.
 With the mainstream media and politicians fearmongering over population increases which will supposedly affect climate change, the next set of mandates could easily extend to abortion, sterilization, or euthanasia.  Continued compliance with these draconian edicts will not get us back to normal.  On the contrary, this will only normalize authoritarianism.

Consumer watchdog groups accuse the FDA of having evolved from a “hard-charging tiger of an agency” a century ago, to a “pliant pussycat” today. Think the FDA Is Looking Out for Your Health … History Tells a Different Story

Consumer watchdog groups accuse the FDA of having evolved from a “hard-charging tiger of an agency” a century ago, to a “pliant pussycat” today.

Regulatory agencies, says Encyclopedia Britannica, are a uniquely American institution. Though conceptualized as mere advisory bodies at the time of their emergence in the late 19th century, federal regulatory agencies have since acquired comprehensive legislative powers and even quasi-judicial powers — exercising “social control through rulemaking” with “almost no supervision by other branches of government.”

As legal scholars tamely explain, “unique pressures and influences … invariably push [regulators’] actions, and their decisions on policy questions, in a direction favored by regulated firms.”

This phenomenon, known as regulatory capture, has become the norm — not least because lucrative “revolving door” jobs generally await tractable regulators once they exit their government posts.

In the crowded field of captured agencies, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is one of the standouts. FDA gets 45% of its budget from the pharmaceutical industry, and fast-tracks more than 50% of the drugs it approves.

Consumer watchdog groups accuse the FDA of having evolved from a “hard-charging tiger of an agency” a century ago, to a “pliant pussycat” today.

FDA states that drug recalls are initiated either “by FDA request” or “on a company’s own initiative.” According to the consumer website Drugwatch, however, FDA “can only recommend” but not force a recall.

Vaccine recalls, too, are “almost always initiated voluntarily by the vaccine manufacturer.” In 1976, public outcry forced the government to pull the plug on a dangerous swine flu vaccine after just 10 weeks, but only after 40 million Americans had received it.

Although manufacturers do withdraw dangerous drugs, vaccines and consumer products from the market from time to time (sometimes after FDA has obligingly looked the other way for decades), many observers believe such recalls represent the tip of the iceberg — a placatory bone thrown to persuade the public that the nation has a functional oversight system.

Is the FDA at least scrupulous about which drugs and vaccines it lets out of the starting gate?

As a long line of drug fiascoes suggests, the clear answer is no — experimental COVID vaccines are the latest example.

The still timely tale of thalidomide

Thalidomide never received FDA approval, but the saga illustrates how, even 60 years ago, the FDA had already cast its lot with industry.

In the late 1950s, German firm Chemie Grünenthal (now Grünenthal) developed thalidomide with the help of former Nazi scientists (including Hitler’s IG Farben adviser on chemical warfare), promoting the drug for nausea and other discomforts of pregnancy.

In some countries, thalidomide was an ingredient in children’s cough syrups. Chemie Grünenthal sold thalidomide in 46 countries for five years before admitting the drug posed risks of severe birth defects, including missing or deformed limbs and injuries to major organs.

In the U.S., Chemie Grünenthal gave two pharmaceutical giants (companies that dominate the American market to this day) permission to manufacture thalidomide: first Smith Kline & French (now GlaxoSmithKline) and then Richardson-Merrell (now Sanofi).

Richardson-Merrell expected smooth regulatory sailing, but after it ignored repeated requests for pregnancy safety data from Dr. Frances Kelsey — a newly minted FDA employee with untarnished integrity — Kelsey “took a bold stance against inadequate testing and corporate pressure” and refused to approve thalidomide’s U.S. release.

Mistakenly confident that “corporate pressure” would eventually bear fruit, the company went ahead and distributed, “in an uncontrolled fashion,” more than 2.5 million doses of thalidomide to 20,000 pregnant women under cover of “clinical trials.”

When Kelsey still would not approve the drug, the company was forced to give up, but threatened to sue Kelsey after she tried to track down thalidomide babies. Neither the FDA nor the U.S. attorney backed up Kelsey.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy shone a light on Kelsey’s efforts by giving her a President’s Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service. Even so, thalidomide survivors allege the FDA and Richardson-Merrell kept the full story of thalidomide buried for decades.

In fact, not only did FDA squelch efforts to locate thalidomide victims, but it produced a whitewashed report stating that Richardson-Merrell’s “unauthorized marketing program” had produced just 17 thalidomide babies — a bogus estimate emphatically denounced by survivors.

At some point, FDA appears to have quietly changed its tune. In an undated presentation on its website, the agency states: “By late 1961, it was obvious that thalidomide had caused serious birth defects in thousands of children.”

In 2013, a GSK researcher published a surprisingly frank dissection of the thalidomide disaster, describing how the drug established a template for industry and regulatory behavior that is still relevant today:

“Strong marketing pressure in an industry hungry for new medicines brought an inadequately tested drug to the market, targeted outsourcing quickly expanded the client base and finally market forces prevented timely withdrawal, even when evidence was emerging of disastrous side-effects. […] [M]any of the pressures that led to the thalidomide disaster exist today with record high management and shareholder pressures to achieve success, parallel worldwide marketing, increased numbers of targeted outsourcing by small companies forming alliances with ‘Big Pharma’ and…a breakdown in the system of checks and balances that have existed in the regulatory authorities …”

In the intervening decades, thalidomide has undergone a “dramatic revitalization.” Undaunted by its horrific teratogenic track record and other serious adverse effects such as blood clots, nerve damage and neurotoxicity, the U.S. today permits thalidomide as a treatment for multiple myeloma. The hunt is also on for dermatological and other uses.

DES and Vioxx

Self-congratulatory regulators claim the thalidomide disaster gave birth to stricter regulations and safer drugs. However, it is not hard to find examples that undermine this assertion.

For instance, despite numerous danger signals, it took the FDA until 1971 to issue a warning about pregnant women’s use of diethylstilbestrol (DES) — a drug the FDA approved in 1947, in the pre-thalidomide era.

No ban accompanied FDA’s soft-pedaled 1971 warning, however, so mothers-to-be continued to receive DES for at least another decade.

Scientists now acknowledge DES provokes calamitous epigenetic effects in future generations, with DES grandchildren showing increased risks of preterm delivery, neonatal mortality, cerebral palsy and “malformations of any type.”

Merck’s infamous painkiller Vioxx is another example of FDA foot-dragging — a “cautionary tale of masterful public relations, aggressive marketing and ineffective regulation.”

Just six months after Vioxx’s May 1999 approval, an FDA-convened data and safety monitoring board identified a “disconcerting” trend of serious heart problems and deaths in patients taking Vioxx  — a risk confirmed one month later to be twice as high as that in the group taking a comparison painkiller.

Despite this early evidence, the FDA said little, leaving it up to well-paid Merck consultants to massage the data.

According to subsequent independent analyses, Vioxx produced elevated cardiovascular risks even with short-term use, and the risks persisted long after the individual stopped taking the drug.

At its peak, Vioxx was marketed in 80-plus countries.

In September 2004, after roughly 20 million Americans had taken the drug — credited with causing tens of thousands of premature deaths from heart attacks and strokes in the U.S. alone — Merck finally withdrew Vioxx.

That same month, FDA reviewer Dr. David Graham blamed the FDA for failing to protect public safety, telling the Senate Finance Committee that his agency’s “procedures and culture made it impossible to adequately investigate drugs.”

In Europe, a Scottish scientist characterized the episode as “quite possibly” one of the worst drug disasters in history.

Describing the FDA’s willingness to turn a blind eye to the drug’s harms as “the equivalent of allowing ‘two to four jumbo jetliners’ to crash every week for five years,” Graham noted he had been “ostracized,” asked by superiors to “soften his conclusions” and “subjected to veiled threats” and “intimidation.”

The FDA’s response to safety concerns, Graham also asserted, was “almost always one of denial, rejection and heat.”

Recall roulette

Readers ready to dismiss the examples of thalidomide, DES and Vioxx as ancient history should check out the FDA’s webpage of more recent drug recalls.

From Aug. 30, 2017 to Oct. 1, 2021, manufacturers have recalled 381 drugs or drug lots — an average of approximately eight recalls per month. Notable entries include drugs or products by COVID vaccine makers Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) and AstraZeneca (or their subsidiaries).

In 2015, Pfizer acquired Hospira, “the world’s leading provider of injectable drugs and infusion technologies.” At the time, Hospira’s track record was less than stellar, with more than 40 recalls in the prior three years.

The conservative FDA recall list shows at least 12 more Hospira recalls since September 2017. Other “urgent” Hospira recalls have not yet appeared on FDA’s list.

Nearly all of the Pfizer-Hospira recalls have been for potentially life-threatening production failures — such as mislabeling of one product for another, microbial contamination, cracked vials (and other defects jeopardizing product sterility) and presence of particulates (including glass and human hair).

Kaiser Health News reported in early 2021 that “a decade’s worth of FDA inspection reports” had flagged one of Pfizer’s Hospira manufacturing plants as a “repeat offender” for bacterial and mold contamination.

Pfizer also appears several other times on the FDA recall list:

  • In July and August of this year, Pfizer began recalling lots of its prescription anti-smoking drug Chantix due to the presence of carcinogenic nitrosamines above the “acceptable daily intake level.” By September, Pfizer had expanded the recall to include all lots. The FDA acknowledges the “potential increased cancer risk” but says that smoking is worse.
  • In August 2019, Pfizer issued an urgent recall of some lots of its migraine drug, Relpax, due to “potential microbiological contamination.” The contamination, the company stated, poses a risk of “bacterial dissemination from the gut to the bloodstream potentially resulting in serious, life-threatening infections.”
  • In August 2018, Pfizer recalled one lot of children’s Advil due to product mislabeling and “concerns the mislabeling could potentially cause an overdose.” The FDA did not publish its own announcement of the recall until March 2020.

Over the past two decades, merger-happy Pfizer has spearheaded three of the ten largest pharmaceutical mergers in history, with Wyeth (2009), Pharmacia (2003) and Warner-Lambert (2000).

In August 2021, Pfizer added cancer drug maker Trillium Therapeutics to its roster — right around the time concerned health providers were reporting an uptick in aggressive cancers in COVID mRNA vaccine recipients.

Wyeth was the manufacturer of two notorious diet pills recalled in 1997 for causing long-lasting heart valve injuries — fenfluramine (Pondimin) and dexfenfluramine (Redux), both part of the “fen-phen” cocktail of diet drugs.

Pondimin had been allowed to remain on the market for 24 years before being pulled. One year after Pfizer’s acquisition of Wyeth, Pfizer also issued a recall of Wyeth’s fatal and liver-damaging leukemia drug, Mylotarg, which had received accelerated FDA approval a decade earlier.

More speedy approvals on the horizon

The FDA is far from the only captured agency. Many critics of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for example, blame the EPA’s “completely broken” and “reckless” safety review process for prioritizing corporate profits over public health and encouraging use of some of the world’s most dangerous pesticides, including glyphosate.

Unfortunately, new opportunities for FDA corruption are emerging, particularly in the arena of “biosimilars.” Biosimilars are biologics (such as vaccines) that the FDA considers “highly similar to and [with] no clinically meaningful differences from an existing FDA-approved reference product.” As such, they are eligible for an “abbreviated licensure pathway.”

In 2016, biosimilars were projected to become “the single fastest-growing biologics sector.”

American vaccine scientists are salivating over the prospect of proving biosimilarity for future mRNA vaccines. Though the legal terrain has yet to be consolidated, biosimilarity would guarantee lightning-fast approvals.

Coincidentally or not, Pfizer’s Hospira subsidiary is a “global leader in biosimilars.”

Japan, which has some of the most cautious vaccine policies in the world, recently recalled 1.6 million doses of Moderna’s mRNA injection against COVID, after two men injected with stainless-steel-contaminated batches died.

Don’t expect anything similar to happen in the U.S. No matter how shoddy Pfizer’s or Moderna’s manufacturing practices may be, and no matter the safety signals, the FDA’s primary goal seems to be to ensure an endless profit pipeline for the vaccine and drug manufacturers that are the agency’s own bread and butter.

78% of Covid-19 Deaths among Vaccinated, 47% Rise in Teen Deaths After Vaccination, 911 Calls for Cardiac Arrest at All Time High

The public have been repeatedly told that the Covid-19 vaccines are “100% safe and effective” because they have been through the same rigorous testing every other approved vaccine has been through, despite the fact it took less than a year to allegedly formulate a vaccine, test it, and “get it into the arms” of the general public.Today we can confirm that you have been lied to, the Covid-19 vaccines have not been through the same rigorous testing as other vaccines, and they are neither safe or effective, and we can prove this via a wealth of available official government data..

Public Health England have now been replaced by a new organisation, dreamt up by ex-Health Secretary, Matt Hancock. The new organisation is now known as the ‘UK Health Security Agency’. That’s a slightly sinister and extremely concerning name isn’t it?The new UK Health Security Agency released a report on Thursday September 30th entitled ‘Vaccine Surveillance Report – Week 39‘, and within it they have published the number of alleged Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths from week 35 to week 38 of 2021, by vaccination status.Table 2 of the report reveals that between August 30th 2021, and September 26th 2021 there were a total of 699,489 positive test results for the Covid-19 virus recorded in England. Of these, 316,002 cases were among the not vaccinated population, 53,070 were among the partly vaccinated population, and 273,540 were among the fully vaccinated population.

Source – Page 14

This means that the unvaccinated accounted for 45% of Covid-19 cases throughout September, whereas people who had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine accounted for 47% of Covid-19 cases throughout September.

This is extremely concerning when you take into account that 240,077 of the Covid-19 cases in the unvaccinated population were in children under the age of 18. Children are being tested regularly in schools despite the fact they rarely even suffer a temperature due to the alleged virus.

If we remove confirmed cases of Covid-19 in children under 18 from the equation all together, then we are left with a very different set of results that tell an entirely different story.

Confirmed cases among all unvaccinated adults over the age of 18 between August 30th and September 26th equate to 75,925. Whilst confirmed cases among all adults who had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine equate to 313,292. Therefore unvaccinated adults account for just 18% of cases in September, whilst vaccinated adults account for 74% of cases in September.

The data published by the UK Health Security Agency on cases also shows that the Covid-19 vaccine actually has a negative effectiveness as high as -66% in all adults over the age of 40, with the average efficacy equating to -50%. This is far from the 95% effectiveness claimed by the vaccine manufacturers, and the data actually shows that adults are up to 66% more likely to develop Covid-19 if they have been vaccinated.

We covered the negative efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines in detail in an article published October 1st 2021. But these are the results of the effectiveness of the vaccines by age groups based on the equation used by vaccine manufacturers to claim an effectiveness of 95% –


Table 3 of the report published by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) shows the number of people admitted to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19 from August 30th to September 26th 2021, by vaccination status, and the table tells a similar story to that of cases, except the figures are actually worse for those who have been vaccinated.

The number of unvaccinated people admitted to hospital with Covid-19 during this time was 2,922. The number of partly vaccinated people admitted to hospital was 356, and the number of fully vaccinated people admitted to hospital was 4,378.

Source – Page 15

This means that during September 2021 the unvaccinated accounted for just 38% of hospitalisations due to Covid-19, whilst the vaccinated accounted for 62%.

Table 4 of the report published by UKHSA shows the number of deaths to have occurred between August 30th and September 26th within 28 days of a positive test result for Covid-19, by vaccination status, and again, things are worse among the fully vaccinated.

There were 687 deaths among the unvaccinated, 110 deaths among the partly vaccinated, and 2,338 deaths among the fully vaccinated.

Source – Page 16

This means that the unvaccinated account for just 22% of Covid-19 deaths during September 2021, whilst the vaccinated account for a disastrous 78%.

There are of course those that will argue that this is to be expected when the majority of the adult population are allegedly vaccinated. However, this argument falls down when we compare the number of deaths that are occurring compared to the same time last year when not a single person was vaccinated because there wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine available.

If the vaccines were working, then yes, we would probably still see Covid-19 deaths among the vaccinated, but not in the quantity that is occurring now.

As you can see from the above graph, Covid-19 deaths are approximately eleven times higher than this time last year, despite having a mass vaccination programme, and seasonality being on our side. If the vaccines were working, then these are possibly the number of Covid-19 deaths you would expect to see in the middle of winter, not the middle of summer. But autumn has now arrived, so we don’t have long to wait to see how disastrous the vaccination programme turns out to be.

It isn’t just the data on Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths that prove the Covid-19 vaccines are far from safe and effective though. There are some extremely concerning signs that they are not safe in further data published September 27th by Public Health England in their ‘Nation Ambulance Syndromic Surveillance System‘ report.

We expect this will be the last report published published by Public Health England and all future reports to be published by the UK Health Security Agency. The report contains statistics on the number of calls requesting an ambulance, and the symptoms that the calls relate to.

The latest report shows that calls relating to cardiac or respiratory arrest are above both the expected average and above pre-Covid-19 levels, and they have been ever since June 2021.


As you can see in the above graph, calls for cardiac and respiratory arrest suddenly crept above the expected level around the beginning of June, before sky rocketing in the middle of July, and have yet to fall to the expected pre-Covid-19 level since then.

A similar pattern also occurred in call requesting an ambulance due to a person being unconscious.


The question is, what caused the sudden jump in calls requesting an ambulance due to cardiac arrest or unconsciousness?

It is now known that younger adults, teenagers, and children (especially males) are much more likely to suffer myocarditis due to the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 injections. Both jabs have had warnings added to the safety labels by the UK Medicine Regulator due to a suspicion they are causing myocarditis and pericarditis in younger adults, mainly men, after they have had the second dose.

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, whereas pericarditis is inflammation of the protective sacs surrounding the heart. Both are extremely serious conditions due to the vital role the heart plays in keeping a person alive, and the fact that the heart muscle cannot regenerate. Serious myocarditis can lead to cardiac arrest and knock years off a person’s life.

So it is interesting to find that the Covid-19 vaccine began to be rolled-out to younger adults around the end of May, and then to under 18’s at the end of June, correlating with the increase in calls requesting an ambulance due to cardiac arrest and unconsciousness.

Official NHS data found in the ‘Covid-19 weekly announced vaccinations 01 July 2021 – revised’ which can be downloaded here, and accessed on the NHS website here, shows that between 8th December 2020 and 27th June 2021, 147,123 people under the age of 18 had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine

We can confirm that all documents published by the NHS preceding this do not include an under 18 age group, so we can therefore assume that the week of 20th June – 27th June was the first week that thousands of under 18’s started getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

But we also discovered something else extremely concerning that correlated with the jab roll-out to teenagers, and an increase in calls requesting an ambulance due to cardiac arrest. Courtesy of Office for National Statistics data, we discovered a significant increase in the number of deaths among teenagers compared to the same time last year.

Chart showing deaths among Teens aged 15-19, 2020 vs 2021

The 2020 edition of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales’, which can be downloaded here, and accessed on the ONS website here, shows that between the week ending 26th June and the week ending 18th September 2020, a total of 148 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds.


Whereas the 2021 editions of ‘Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, which can be downloaded here, and accessed on the ONS website here, shows that between the week ending 25th June 2021 and the week ending 17th September 2021, a total of 217 deaths occurred among 15 – 19-year-olds.


This shows that the number of deaths between June 19th 2021 and September 17th 2021 among teens aged 15 and over were 47% higher than the number of deaths in this age group during the same period in 2020, and the increase in deaths began at precisely the same time teens started receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, and also correlated with the huge increase in calls requesting an ambulance due to cardiac arrest.

To summarise, UK Health Security Agency data shows that the vaccinated account for 47% of Covid-19 cases, 62% of hospitalisations, and 78% of Covid-19 deaths in September. The same data also shows that the vaccines actually have a negative effectiveness as low as -66% in the over 40’s.

Official data also shows that Covid-19 deaths during September were approximately eleven times higher than the number of Covid-19 deaths that occurred in September 2020 when there wasn’t a Covid-19 vaccine available.

Public Health England data shows that calls for cardiac arrest have increased against expected levels ever since younger adults started to get the Covid-19 vaccine; and jumped dramatically once teens started to have the jab (the majority of which will have been 19 and 18 years old).

ONS data also shows that deaths among teenagers have increased by 47% compared to the same period in 2020, ever since they started to get the Covid-19 vaccines.

Yet the authorities repeatedly tell the public that the Covid-19 vaccines are “100% safe and effective”. They are lying to you. But the problem we now face is that they are using that lie to come for your children.

FBI: Murders Up 4,901 in 2020, Black Share of Known Murder Offenders Reaches Record 56.5%

The FBI has finally released its 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting data from most (but, as usual, not all) of the law enforcement agencies in the U.S. I concentrate on murders, the most accurately reported crime.

Murders and non-negligent manslaughters were up a record-crushing 29.4%, in-line with my January 6, 2021 estimate: “Therefore, the national figure is perhaps in the 25 to 30 percent growth range, double the worst year previously recorded, 1968.”

In the FBI’s expanded homicide data, the black share of known murder offenders increased to a new record of 56.52%.

But, the big news is that while the number of known murder offenders (who can therefore be tabulated racially) increased by 17.3 percent, the number of Unknown murder offenders grew 36.0%. Traditionally, murders in black neighborhoods tend to have the lowest clearance rate, what with snitches getting stitches.

So the black share of murder offenders likely went up even more.

As usual, the FBI stats sloppily lump together Hispanics and non-Hispanic whites into a white supercategory that is out of sync with how most government agencies think about race and ethnicity over the last generation. Hence, I just look at black vs. nonblack (white, Hispanic, Asian, American Indian, etc).

With the new 2020 Census, a somewhat sizable delta has opened up between the percentage of people who say they are racially black and nothing else (12.4%, including black Hispanics) versus people who say they are either all black or also black and something else (14.2%).

Which definition of black are the cops using when they charge somebody with murder? I dunno … probably some use one way, some another.

If you use the more expansive latter figure for the at least partially racially black population of 14.2%, then the ratio of black (and blackish) known murder offenders to nonblack known murder offenders in 2020 was 8.4 to 1. (If use use the more restrictive black-only figure of 12.4%, you get a black to non-black ratio of 9.8 to 1.)

Incredibly, even the the lower (at least part-black) ratio of 8.4 to one is a little higher than the the per capita male to female known murder offender ratio of 7.5 to 1.

(I’m guessing that women get away undetected with murder less often than men do, since they seldom rob strangers and a large fraction of their murders are domestics. So the male to female ratio is probably higher among unknown offenders than among known offenders.)

I wonder if blacks average more murder offenders per murder than do nonblacks? E.g., are all three guys in the car charged with the drive-by murder? White killers tend to be solitary decision-makers — in most levels of white society, “Hey, let’s go murder a guy” is not a popular suggestion. But, if true, how that would impact these ratios is a hard question.

FBI 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting: Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter Offenders
2019201920202020Chg %Chg #
% of Known% of Known
Total Murders16,66921,57029.4%4,901
Murders Reported in Expanded Homicide Data14,54817,81522.5%3,267
Total Murder Offenders reported17,17921,06122.6%3,882
Unknown Murder Offenders4,8626,61236.0%1,750
Known Murder Offenders12,317100.00%14,449100.00%17.3%2,132
Black or African American6,80955.28%8,16656.52%19.9%1,357
White (incl most Hispanics)5,14641.78%5,86640.60%14.0%720
American Indian or Alaska Native1781.45%2151.49%20.8%37
Native Hawaiian410.33%480.33%17.1%7
All Known Nonblack Offenders5,5086,283775
All Known Black Offenders6,8098,1661,357
Share of Population: Black Alone12.4%12.4%
Share of Population: Some Black14.2%14.2%
Per Capita Known Murder Offender Ratio: Black Alone to Nonblack9.39.8
Ratio: Some Black to Nonblack8.08.4
Unknown Offender Sex6,242
Known Offender Sex14,819100.00%
Ratio: Male to Female7.5
# of police depts sending in Expanded Homicide Data15,33418,67415,87518,623541
% Coverage82.1%85.2%

The percentage of police departments that submitted expanded homicide data in 2020 was up 3 percentage points over 2019, but still missed 15% of LEOs.

For example, although Louisiana has had the highest murder rate for the last 30 years, some analysts suspect that if more Mississippi PDs bothered to send in their numbers, Mississippi would be #1 with a bullet.

Here are the statistics on the number of victims:

FBI 2020 Uniform Crime Reporting: Victims of Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter
2019201920202020Chg %Chg #
% of Known% of Known
Total Murders16,66921,57029.4%4,901
Murders Reported in Expanded Homicide Data14,54817,81522.5%3,267
Total Murder Victims reported14,54817,81522.5%3,267
Unknown Murder Victims23232037.9%88
Known Murder Victims14,316100.00%17,495100.00%22.2%3,179
Black or African American7,77754.3%9,94156.8%27.8%2,164
White (incl most Hispanics)6,09342.6%7,04340.3%15.6%950
American Indian or Alaska Native1791.3%2401.4%34.1%61
Native Hawaiian270.2%350.2%29.6%8
All Known Nonblack Victims6,53945.7%7,55443.2%15.5%1,015
All Known Black Victims7,77754.3%9,94156.8%27.8%2,164
Share of Population: Black Alone12.4%12.4%
Share of Population: Some Black14.2%14.2%
Ratio: Black Alone to Nonblack9.010.0
Ratio: Some Black to Nonblack7.78.5
Unknown Victim Sex3137
Known Victim Sex14,517100.00%17,778100.00%
Ratio: Male to Female3.64.0
# of police depts sending in Expanded Homicide Data15,33418,67415,87518,623541
% Coverage82.1%85.2%

Murder victims went up less in the 85% of police departments that submitted Expanded Homicide Data to the FBI (+22.2%) than nationwide (+29.4%). Among those departments, black victims were up by 2,164 dead bodies compared to an increase of 1,015 murder victims across all nonblacks.

So blacks made up 68.1% of incremental murder victims in 2020, the year of the Racial Reckoning.

Heckuva a job, Black Lives Matter!

Interestingly, the number of Asian murder victims fell ever so slightly in 2020 over 2019, despite all the talk about Trump mentioning the “Chinese flu” causing a wave of anti-Asian violence.

The Nation rejoices as Government announces new strategy for getting chemicals into children- Exciting breaking news from the Eugenics Industry is that The UK’s Chief Mortality Officer, the moribund Chris Witty, has scientifically discovered a new . . . er, scientific way to get more chemicals into your children!

Exciting breaking news from the Eugenics Industry is that The UK’s Chief Mortality Officer, the moribund Chris Witty, has scientifically discovered a new . . . er, scientific way to get more chemicals into your children!

It has been proven in top secret studies by scientists whose identities must remain secret for security reasons that children do not have enough chemicals in them.

Witty pointed out that “it is a well known fact that the human race has evolved over millions of years into needing pharmaceutical chemicals. This is especially true of today’s children who have, quite frankly, let the country down by being unpatriotically and dangerously low on chemicals”.

Dismayed by the prospect that the number of children harmed by the booby-trapped pseudo vaccines caringly forced on them for their own good in order to protect them from a danger that children (or anyone else for that matter) aren’t in, may fall well short of targets, he has announced a cunning scientific and not-at-all-evil plan to put a known carcinogen and all round government-friendly poison into the UK’s tap water.

This has been hailed by many people throughout the Cabinet Office, Big Pharma boardrooms and other lunatic asylums as a boon in which Science has been brought to bear on a very real but unspecified problem by the masterstroke of ignoring it completely.

Presenting the insertion of fluoride into the water supply as a solution to dental problems, Witty responded strongly to the allegations made by millions of scientists and other conspiracy theorists that fluoride has been known for decades to be a considerable threat to health, intelligence and other non-essential human faculties. He hit back with a scientific response guaranteed to silence his critics, quote:

“Oh no it isn’t.”

When this reporter put to Mr Witty that fluoride is known to render children less intelligent and make them more pliable, he responded with:

“That’s just one of the advantages!” and went on to explain how chucking a few drums of chemicals into the reservoirs is a lot more cost effective than getting kids to brush their teeth, stopping the food industry poisoning them with sugar and so forth.

Responding to concerns that the mass injecting of young people alongside slipping them a ruddy great mickey* may in the long term cause infertility and the early demise of many children, a spokesperson for the Department of Ill Health and Euthanasia (DIE) said,

“People will have to decide what their priorities are. The annual cost to the taxpayer of raising and caring for children, letting them run around and disturb the peace and so forth is astronomical. The cunning plan of adding fluoride to the vaccine program is part of the national economy drive that will save the government a great deal of money as well as rendering the country a lot quieter so people will be able to absorb government instructions in peace.”

Responding to this latest news, the Prime Muppet at a Downing Street press conference earlier today silenced critics with the following statement:

“In my sober judgement Mr Witty is probably not at all demented”.

mickey: In slang, a Mickey Finn (or simply a mickey) is a drink laced with a psychoactive drug or incapacitating agent given to someone without their knowledge, with intent to incapacitate them. Serving someone a “mickey” is commonly referred to as “slipping someone a mickey”

COVID-19 in Canada: Alberta threatens rule-breakers with $100,000 fines, Canada ‘well prepared’ for large-scale vaccine distribution. Alberta is also temporarily adding 700 more peace officers who can enforce public health rules in the province.

COVID-19 in Canada: Alberta threatens rule-breakers with $100,000 fines, Canada ‘well prepared’ for large-scale vaccine distribution. Alberta is also temporarily adding 700 more peace officers who can enforce public health rules in the province.

Last week, Alberta introduced 20 pages of regulations covering how many feet Albertans must stand apart, how many house guests they can have (none), and forbidding them from congregating in groups indoors. Winter is coming.

“This pandemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the population.”  — Letter from an Alberta Nurse

“Do not believe the hype,” she continues. “There is no crisis other than a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades. Despite this, I expect to be terminated in the next three weeks for refusing to get the jab. I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated.”
(Meanwhile Norway says Covid is the common flu, and will treat it as such.)   Bubonic Plague in Australia, Ontario and Alberta. Common cold in Florida, Norway and Sweden. What gives? Globalist reach.

I am a RN working in a Northern Alberta County with approximately 10,000 citizens. We have had 3 COVID deaths in 2 years. I am personally familiar with 2 of these deaths and both patients had life threatening pre-existing conditions. One of the patients that died was fully vaccinated. The itital PCR test on this patient was positive and the second “rapid antigen” test was negative. These tests are not reliable and even the CDC said they should not be used. This is why there are so many people testing positive yet have no symptoms of illness.

I have also been watching acute care/ICU beds in the region and I agree that there is not a bed crisis.

What we do have is a staffing crisis. This crisis is due to an aging population of both patients and staff. We started the year out with 10 doctors in my town. 3 doctors have moved away. 2 doctors are over 70 and are not covering our emergency department anymore. So, we are down to five doctors to work in their private practice AND to cover the emergency department 24/7. To make matters worse, (Health Minister, Tyler) Shandro (left) capped the amount of patients the doctors can bill for on a daily basis. Sorry, but you can’t expect these doctors to work for free.

Additionally, our county has a second small hospital that was staffed with 2 doctors and locums. One of those doctors has moved away so the doctors in our area will be forced to increase the patient load from this doctor leaving. The emergency department in this hospital has been closed at different times due to no doctor available to work.

I know of three nurses in our hospital that are over 70. In addition, our hospital administrator is retiring this month and one of the regional managers is retiring Oct 1st.

Do we have a crisis? Yes, we do but it has nothing to do with COVID. The crisis is from aging staff that have not been replaced with younger people. It is a problem of an aging demographic and poor planning by health authorities. During the “Klein cuts” of the 90’s, 3 schools of nursing were closed in Edmonton alone. These were never reopened and we have lost 300 nurses a year because of this.

I do not work in emergency but I do work on a unit beside emergency so I can see the coming and going of patients. We are not overwhelmed with COVID patients. The other weekend I worked and went to the ER to speak with the on call doctor. He was not there and the ER was empty. No patients.

I worked the acute unit this week and we had one covid positive patient, double vaccinated. Half of the patients on the unit were double vaccinated.

Do not believe the hype. There is no crisis other than a staffing crisis that has been brewing for decades. Despite this, I expect to be terminated in the next three weeks for refusing to get the jab. I am a loyal, reliable employee that has not had a sick day in 2 years, yet I will be terminated.

In conclusion, let me say that I have purposely infected myself with a COVID positive family member and I did not become ill. This pandemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the population.


Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta’s chief medical officer of health, said she is has heard some “disappointing” reports of Alberta Health Services (AHS) public health inspectors being “criticized” or “verbally abused” while doing their jobs.
Twenty Pages of Brand New Covid Regulations from Deena Hinshaw Include

* Everyone must be masked in idoor public places with a dozen exceptions …see pp 8
* Albertans must remain 2 or 3 meters apart with the exception of their immediate household and … see p. 10
* Everyone must work remotely. No house guests are allowed. p. 11
* No indoor dining at restaurants. Outdoors, only three people allowed at a table. People at different tables may not interact. p. 14
* Indoor group activities like gyms and theatre are banned unless all participants are intimately related. p. 15
Notwithstanding anything in this Order, the Chief Medical Officer of Health may exempt a person or a class of persons from the application of this Order. p. 20

How To Develop Your Situational Awareness – Lessons From The Intelligence Service- The Best Way to Win A Violent Confrontation Is to Avoid It. Hence, Start Practicing Reading Body Language.

A “friend of ours” asked recently: how do you guard yourself against the deterioration of morale during an extremely challenging ordeal?

My answer is pretty simple: until morale improves, the beatings will continue.

Joke aside, today’s article is a little bit more philosophical. Bear with me, I’m having a good day and I’ll try to share a few interesting thoughts with my regular readers, if I have one. Firstly, what is prepping after all? It’s just a punch line, a marketing logo or is more than that? If you ask me, prepping is much more than stashing gear and stockpiling food and what not.

Preparedness as a state of mind means that you must change your perception about the world. You know, nobody can be told what the Matrix is, you have to see it for yourself. Take the blue pill, i.e. keep reading.

The problem with our modern brave-new-world society is that people tend to be lured into having a (fake) sense of prosperity and/or security, which truth be told, is provided by multiple factors, including our highly advanced (technologically speaking) society, the uber-protective nanny-state and the “snowflake-like” society. You know, safe spaces, sensitivity training, all that crap. There’s an old saying which reads something along the lines of:

Hard times create hard men. Hard men create prosperous times. Prosperous times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

The cycle rinses/repeats ad nauseam, as we never seem to learn from past mistakes. It’s just basic human nature I guess.

Getting back to our topic, a prepper’s state of mind is not pessimistic, not by a long shot. Au contraire, preppers seek (and hopefully achieve) peace of mind and situational awareness through “superior fire power”, if you know what I mean.

And I’m not referring to “guns, lots of guns”, but to that sense of personal freedom, security and self reliance a man can achieve in this life by learning all sorts of “survival” skills. In my book, skills are more important than gear. “Omnia mea mecum porto” means that knowledge trumps everything else, as in “it’s the ultimate power in this universe”. As you can imagine, I am not a follower of that saying: “He who dies with the most toys wins.”

What makes a “prepper” different from the average Joe is the lifestyle and the mindset. A prepper can be regarded as an independent thinker, a free man on the land, making his own decisions and not expecting a helping hand from the government.

While prepping is serious business (I’m not downplaying stockpiling, far from it) I am aware of the fact that I’m not Rambo (neither do you) and skills are way more important than gear.

Having a plan (your own plan, to suite your personal needs) is the corner stone of prepping; also, knowing the difference between reading a “survival” book and actually doing something meaningful in real life (like learning how to hunt/fish/dress game/make a fire in the wild/ etc) will get you closer to that prepper’s state of mind I am talking about.

Characteristics of a Genuine Prepper

Saving can be defined as prepping in its purest form, provided we’re talking about a belief system or a mental tool. The point is, one must carefully analyze every decision that he/she makes, in order to fully comprehend all the ramifications of one’s actions, especially regarding a potential survival scenario, i.e. learn to concentrate only on the essential items for survival in a SHTF situation.

If you have a saver’s mindset, that means you’re a prepper in everyday life. And obviously, a saving-type of personality is crucial when it comes to any survival scenario. If you can live on your own stash and/or by using survival skills for as long as possible, and if you can live on the least without complaining much, then you’ll be capable not only to survive, but to thrive, and you can call yourself a prepper my son.

Be aware of what’s going on in the world, about the global economy/financial system, prioritize, remember the rule of three’s : you can survive for three weeks without food, for three days without water and for three minutes without air to breathe.

One of the most important things a prepper should achieve is situational awareness. This means that you must be aware at all times about what’s going on around you. In order to “learn this power”, you must train both your eyes and your mind, so you’ll be able to instantly indentify all the small yet crucial details in a given situation, while anticipating people’s reactions and assessing potential threats in various scenarios. I know, it sounds complicated, and maybe it is. But that’s the discipline.

My motto is: the best way to win a violent confrontation is to avoid it. Hence, start practicing reading body language.

Speaking of reading body language, the best way to start learning this skill is by reading your co-workers/colleagues reactions. More precisely, try to analyze how their pitch of voice, posture and their facial expressions tend to change when they’re hungry, tired, excited and so on and so forth.

You must study these aspects on people that you know well, because they are generally true when trying to read people you don’t know. Observe how people in love are reacting, but also watch people arguing, learn what the body language says about their state of mind, in good and bad situations. You must concentrate particularly over the eye’s movements and the movement of the skin around the eyes, because that old saying “the eyes are the windows to the soul” is correct; well, most of the times.

A Prepper’s “Proper” Mindset

Prepping is like eating an elephant: one bite at a time. Learn new things, don’t be afraid of what you don’t know (yet). Be open to new ideas, make new friends, expand your horizon. You can always learn new skills and acquire them with practice

The golden rule is to be tough as nails, or as close to that as humanly possible. Don’t get me wrong though. By being tough, I don’t necessarily mean having a high tolerance to pain or being strong as a bull, physically speaking. I am talking about toughness in the “old school” way, i.e. a true prepper should be able to withstand harsh environments without whining and without losing his/hers survival abilities.

Basically, you should be able to remain functional and to perform well when you’re in a tight spot and you don’t benefit from all the comforts and luxuries of our (still functioning) modern society.  I mean, bootcamp toughness.  Like, fasting on Fridays, going hiking/running when it’s snow/cold/rainy/miserable outside, getting up early in the weekends and working outside (chopping wood for example) even if you have a cold. Seek discipline and find your freedom, i.e. try to not talk (at work for example) unless someone asks you a direct question. Get tough using incremental steps, as in start with being uncomfortable when it comes to little things in life (don’t use the AC in the car during summer or heating in the winter) and go from there; choose the “hard way” when doing physical activity, stop being lazy, don’t get distracted, don’t get spoiled.

You know that “don’t be negative” saying, which has become almost a stupid cliché due to overuse by “flower-power” types; however, it holds true for survival, and also goes to a prepper’s mindset ; when it comes to survival via situational awareness, one should be a part of the solution, not a part of the problem. Hence, don’t try to criticize everything, nor be negative all the time.

When working out, choose dumbbells over machines, walk instead of drive to work, run outside in the park instead of mimicking a hamster on a treadmill indoors; basically always choose the harder/the more natural path, adversity over comfort and so forth and so on

All these things will help you a lot in achieving the prepper mind set I am talking about, and by extension, situational awareness in every aspect of one’s life, 24/7/365.

If you think I am exaggerating with this “be tough” mantra, just think about how your life would be AFTER the worst case scenario SHTF moment. Yes, it will be way beyond difficult, trust me on that.

In closing, let me give you my usual “words of wisdom” routine: prepping is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. And the proper state of mind of a prepper is that whatever may come my way some day, I’ll be able not only to barely survive it, but to thrive.

I hope the article helped. If you have other ideas or comments, feel free to use the dedicated section below.

Chris Whitty Approves Covid-19 Vaccine For Kids Despite a Mountain of Evidence They Are Killing Children

‘Unvaxxed pupils being bullied, rows tearing families apart… and only 30,000 infections stopped’: Fury as minister CONFIRMS plans to vaccinate all over-12s from next week but gives CHILDREN the final say on whether they get the jab, NOT their parents

CURIOUSLY, this can only be found by going under the Health section, keeping it totally off the main ‘News’ page, despite it reporting ‘fury’ and general drama over the government’s decision to vaccinate kids without parental consent. This story mentions that peer pressure is being put on unvaccinated kids at school, i.e. where a child can’t put the responsibility for NOT being vaccinated on their parents. This situation is designed to literally throw unvaccinated children to the wolves of their peers. The government is perfectly well aware of this, of course.

Perceptive UK journalist Neil Clark sees the insidious effect on the family when parental consent is not required. The legal principle of Gillick Competence is being used here, applicable in the UK, which says that a minor child can consent to his or her own medical treatment. Which is remarkable given that no-one can truly consent since the injections are still in the phase 3 stage of trials, where complete trial data is thus absent. True informed consent cannot happen from an adult, much less a child! But the psychological dimension is also critical, that the child can make a decision independently of his or her family, which some children will naturally welcome. Thus a wedge is driven between the child and parents, damaging how some children will view their parents:


This is about so much more than a percentage of the nation’s 12-15 year olds getting a (for now) single injection. Kids at a highly vulnerable age are being deliberately isolated and left subject to harsh, ignorant, in-school social pressure.

On a side note, we fully expect vaccine passports to be reintroduced in the UK despite the announcement to abandon them. It will be just another empty promise by the government.

With the high rate of sickness expected among the vaccinated in the fall and winter, we expect all tools in the authoritarian playbook to come back with force.


BREAKING – Chris Whitty approves roll-out of Covid-19 vaccine to kids despite a mountain of evidence they are killing children


Authorities in the United Kingdom are so desperate to vaccinate children that they decided to disregard the decision made by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation to not recommend children are given the jab and tasked the Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty with making the decision instead.

He has now decided that the experimental treatment should be rolled out to children with immediate effect.

The UK Medicine Regulator, MHRA, has already deemed the Pfizer / BioNTech jab to be safe for use in children, but quite how they came to that conclusion is anyone’s guess when you consider 86% of children who took part in the short two month trial suffered an adverse reaction to the Pfizer jab ranging from mild to extremely serious, and 1 in 9 children suffered a severe adverse reaction ranging leaving them unable to perform daily activities..Perhaps money talks? Especially when it comes from a certain Mr Bill Gates who gave a £980,000 grant to the MHRA in 2017 and has since invested over £3 million in the UK Medicine Regulator for “various projects”. This is the same Bill Gates who also coincidentally owns major shares in both Pfizer and BioNTech..The same money also helped to ensure the United States FDA gave emergency use approval for the Pfizer jab to be given to children aged 12 – 15 and, unfortunately, we’re now starting to see the grave consequences of this decision..Consequences that are both tragic, and completely unnecessary. These new “vaccines” are still in trials until 2023 at the earliest, which means they are experimental. This is precisely why they have only been given emergency use approval. There is no emergency when it comes to children and the alleged Covid-19 disease, less than 9 children have died with a positive test result for Covid-19 in the UK since March 2020, and they do not suffer serious disease either.

It would seem UK authorities are incapable of learning from the United States mistakes, which have led to the deaths of numerous children…

A 16 year-old female received the Pfizer vaccine on the 19th March 2021. Nine days later the same female went into cardiac arrest at home. By the 30th March 2021 she had sadly died.

A 17 year-old female started to suffer difficulty breathing and chest pain eight days after having the Pfizer vaccine. She then suffered cardiac arrest and sadly died.

A 15 year-old female suffered cardiac arrest and ended up in intensive care four days after having the Moderna mRNA jab. She also sadly died.

A five-month old breast-fed baby developed a rash one day after his mother had received the Pfizer jab. Within 24 hours he was inconsolable, refusing to eat and developed a fever. Medical tests discovered the baby had elevated liver enzymes. The baby was hospitalised however his condition worsened and he was diagnosed with Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a rare blood disorder.

In TTP, blood clots form in small blood vessels throughout the body. The clots can limit or block the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the body’s organs, such as the brain, kidneys, and heart.

The baby passed away just two days later.

A 16 year-old male received the Pfizer vaccine and developed a headache and an upset stomach two days after having the second dose. The following day the boy was found dead in bed.

A fifteen year-old female received her second dose of the Pfizer jab on the 6th June 2021. One day later she died suddenly without reason.

A 15 year-old male died due to an unexplained reason twenty-three days after having the Pfizer jab.

A 15 year-old female received her 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine, then suffered a cardiac arrest and died.

A one-year-old baby received the Moderna jab. The jab caused his body temperature to increase forcing him into a seizure. The result? The one year-old passed away.

Another 15 year-old male had the Pfizer mRNA jab. One day later he suffered heart failure and sadly died.

All of these unnecessary deaths have been officially recorded on the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and can be viewed here by searching for the VAERS ID.

The Covid-19 vaccines have not been proven to stop people catching Covid-19, and they have not been proven to stop people spreading Covid-19. The only thing they’re claimed to do is reduce serious illness if infected with Covid-19, but we still cannot even be sure of this due to the fact the rate of alleged deaths is much higher than they were at the same time last year when there were no vaccines available.

In 1920, Oscar Levy Warned about Organized Jewry

“We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it “the” Savior;
we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners…I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . .” 
Oscar Levy, 1920 
Oscar Levy (1867-1946) left, was a British Jewish physician, Nietzsche scholar, and son of a banker.

This article is from his Preface to George Pitt-Rivers’s The World Significance of the Russian Revolution,
where Levy acknowledged the Jewish role in Communist subversion. For his trouble, Levy was driven out of England.

Makow Comment:  Cabalist Judaism is a satanic cult that seeks to subjugate humanity by
destabilizing the world. Covid is but the latest example. The Gentile attempt at civilization must fail in order to make way for Satanist hegemony. The Cabalist (Illuminati) bankers enlisted Freemasonry as their instrument of subversion. 
Cabalism maintains that God is “formless, unknowable and not in the universe.” This is Satanism. How can we obey God if He is unknowable? Cabalists pretend to be the channel for God’s will. They usurp God’s place and want everyone to obey them. Hence the scamdemic.

This cancer has been festering beneath the surface for centuries. Now the scamdemic has exposed it for for all who have eyes to see.

Every writer, who, like yourself, is oppressed by the subject of the present and embarrassed by his anxiety for the future, MUST try to elucidate the Jewish Question and its bearing upon our Age.

For the question of the Jews and their influence on the world – past and present – cuts to the root of all things, and should be discussed by every honest thinker, however bristling with difficulties it is…


No, you are not vulgar, you are a very enlightened critic of our Race. For there is an anti-Semitism, I hope and trust, which does the Jews more justice than any blind philo-Semitism, than does that merely sentimental “Let-them-all-come Liberalism” which in itself is nothing but the Semitic Ideology over again.  And thus you can be just to the Jews without being ‘romantic about them.

You have noticed with alarm that the Jewish elements provide the driving forces for both Communism and capitalism, for the material as well as the spiritual ruin of this world.

But then you have at the same time, the profound suspicion that the reason of all this extraordinary behavior may be the intense Idealism of the Jew. In this, you are perfectly right. …

Who stirred up the people during the late war in Germany? Who pretended to have again the truth, that truth about which Pontius Pilate once shrugged his shoulders? Who pleaded for honesty and cleanliness in Politics, that honesty which brings a smile to the lips of any experienced Pro-counsel of to-day?  
Writers who were mostly Jews: Fried, Fernau, Latzko, Richard Grelling — the author of J’accuse’, who was killed and allowed himself to be killed for these very ideas and principles. Men and women of the Jewish Race: Haase, Levine, Luxemburg, Landauer, Kurt Eisner, the Prime Minister of Bavaria.

From Moses to Marx, from Isaiah to Eisner, in practice and in theory, in idealism and in materialism, in philosophy and in politics, they are today what they have always been: passionately devoted to their aims and to their purposes, and ready, nay, eager, to shed their last drop of blood for the realization of their visions.


“But these visions are all wrong”, will you reply. 
“Look where they have led the world to. Think, that they have now had a fair trial of 3,000 years’ standing. How much longer are you going to recommend them to us and to inflict them upon us? And how do you propose to get us out of the morass into which you have led the world so disastrously astray?”

To this question, I have only one answer to give, and it is this: “You are right”.

This reproach of yours, which — I feel it for certain — is at the bottom of your anti-Semitism, is only too well justified, and upon this common ground I am quite willing to shake hands with you and defend you against any accusation of promoting Race Hatred: If you are anti-Semite, I, the Semite am an anti-Semite too, and a much more fervent one than even you are. . .

 We (Jews) have erred, my friend; we have most grievously erred. And if there was truth in our error 3,000, 2,000, nay, 100 years ago, there is now nothing but falseness and madness… a madness that will produce an even greater misery and even wider anarchy.

 I confess it to you, openly and sincerely, and with a sorrow whose depth and pain an ancient Psalmist, and only he could moan into this burning universe of ours. . .

We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it “the” Saviour; we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.

We who have promised to lead you to a new Heaven, we have finally succeeded in leading you into a new Hell. . .

There has been no progress, least of all moral progress. . . And it is just our Morality, which has prohibited all real progress, and — what is worse — which even stands in the way of every future and natural reconstruction in this ruined world of ours. . .

I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness. . .

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