Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific & Underhanded

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate: Unconstitutional, Unscientific, Underhanded

“Tonight, I’m announcing that the Department of Labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ[sic] over 80 million workers to ensure their workforce’s are fully vaccinated, or show a negative test at least once a week,”

Biden pontificated on Thursday.

The edict hasn’t actually been issued yet; it is only in the making. The White House has given itself several weeks — even months, possibly — for OSHA to bring it into force.

After cratering his own approval rating down to an unprecedented 39% — the lowest ever for a Democrat president at this point in his term — Biden seems to have retreated from his imbecilic “Ready, Fire, Aim” Afghanistan withdrawal strategy, which he boastfully executed under an immovable August 31 deadline.

Instead, he’s given himself a flexible time-frame if needed and even an escape route from the mandate if the push-back proves too damaging optically. This as hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S. citizens, U.S. visa holders, and Western allies still have no escape route from the new Texas-sized Democrat-created terror state of … Talibanistan.

The administration may also be looking for a way to turn the conversation from what may become (and some are arguing already is) the greatest hostage crisis in U.S. History. Could Biden be angling to get the GOP to stop talking about Afghanistan by infuriating them with a king-like edict that tramples the Constitution? Time will tell.

But if he’s genuinely planning to chain America with an unprecedented mandate, it will almost certainly be found unconstitutional, as were his other recent Constitution-usurping efforts to extend the CDC’s renter eviction moratorium and illegally suspend Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Supreme Court torpedoed both of these Democrat power-enhancing schemes.

With two SCOTUS rebukes after less than eight months in office, it’s become crystal-clear that Biden doesn’t give much credence to the constitutional limits of government — especially if they get in his way of expanding the Democrat power base.

One can imagine Biden reclining in the White House (possibly in a special room in the basement) and dreaming of a Biden-ista Revolution that creates an unstoppable permanent Democrat-controlled federal government, similar to what Democrats have done in California.

This brings us back to Biden’s mandate. Like the CDC mandate and Biden’s border betrayal, Biden’s handlers have assured and reassured the country that they are on solid legal ground. The precedent, they say for the mandate, is the 1905 Jacobson v. Massachusetts decision, which states:

[I]n every well-ordered society charged with the duty of conserving the safety of its members the rights of the individual in respect of his liberty may at times, under the pressure of great dangers, be subjected to such restraint, to be enforced by reasonable regulations, as the safety of the general public may demand.

But what Biden and the Democrat dictatorship fail to grasp, or acknowledge, is that much later in 1990, after SCOTUS had ruled that the Constitution affords a right to privacy as part of the liberty the Constitution guarantees, SCOTUS found that “the forcible injection of medication into a non-consenting person’s body represents a substantial interference with that person’s liberty” (Washington v. Harper).

So as long as there is not a demonstrable “great danger” to the general public’s health, the government can’t order you to inject a vaccine into your body.

If we were in a an H5N1 or Black Fungus pandemic where fatality rates were north of 60%, mandates would be not only understandable, but welcomed. The federal government would not have to twist arms, bribe, and force the population to get vaccinated if a vaccine were available. More likely, there would be mayhem as people rush to get vaccinated.

But when the government has to use all its power, persuasion, profits, and punishments to push a vaccine, one has to ask, why? How can a disease be so dangerous to the general public if it has an overall recovery rate, according to the CDC, of greater than 97–98% currently? It’s a stretch at best to legally there is a “great danger” to society, at least a natural one from the virus. That there exists a great politically manufactured danger is another story.

“Yeah, but the vaccine has brought us to the 98% recovery point.” Not true, and here is where the mandate shows its ugly unscientific unevenness.

Even before the vaccine, the recovery rate during the early days of the pandemic in 2020 was between 97% and 99.5%. As the pandemic progressed, by September 2020 — several months before any vaccines were administered in the U.S. — the CDC said if you’re between the ages of 0 and 70, you have a 99% survival rate. And if you’re over 70, the survival rate is nearly 95%.

So the survival rate is roughly the same today with the vaccine as at any time during the pandemic.

Facts and science, however, aren’t important to Bolshevik Biden and the MSM (Marxist-Stream Media), the regime’s revolutionary mouthpiece. But instead of taking him to task on the anti-scientific basis of his mandate, they are bombarding the masses with relentless propaganda framing the unvaxxed as the new evil bourgeoisie. Disagree, and the Democrat red guards will shout you down, censor you, deplatform you, and threaten you, or, if they can, have you fired. Marx, Lenin and Mao would be proud.

But the science cannot be shouted down, and so, eventually, it will eviscerate the mandate, not only in courts of law, but the court of public opinion.

One of the most obvious scientific facts the mandate completely ignores is that there have been 41 million+ confirmed cases of COVID19 in the U.S. Add a mega-million more on to that number for the many asymptomatic cases that were never confirmed with a test. Add even more for the mild and moderate cases that were never reported since the infected knew they would recover just fine.

Whatever that number is, these previously infected are probably the most immune of all. At least that’s what the science is telling us. According the National Institutes of Health, more than 95% of those who have been infected develop lasting immunity similar to those vaccinated.

Science magazine reported in a groundbreaking study done in Israel last month that those who have recovered from COVID-19 have 13 times the immunity protection as those who have been vaccinated.

And according to a study published in Nature Communication, the 41million–plus who have been infected have or have had at least seven months of lasting immunity via stable antibodies (the NIH study found up to 8 months). However, those who have been vaccinated, according to a study released last month by researchers at Oxford university, see a much faster rate of immunity decline. According to their results, the Pfizer vaccine decays in immunity and protection by as much as 22% for every 30 days after the second dose. Natural immunity doesn’t.

Science invalidates Biden’s mandate, which unjustly and illegally discriminates against those who have had COVID-19 and likely have better immunity than those vaccinated. But there is no exception in his dictate for the tens of millions with natural immunity. Then again, leftist revolutions don’t make exceptions, only extinctions.

The blatant unconstitutionality, illegality, and unscientific hypocrisy of the Biden mandate – if it ever really becomes one — will sink it. And if not in the courts, in the states, where nearly half the nation has already affirmed that it will not comply.

China’s Military Strength Has Been Greatly Exaggerated- China will soon be the most economically powerful country in the world, and how its military power will soon eclipse that of the United States?

At this point, most everyone is now familiar with a certain narrative about China. Namely, the narrative about how China will soon be the most economically powerful country in the world, and how its military power will soon eclipse that of the United States.

Many believe this has happened already. According to a March Gallup poll, for instance, half of Americans polled believe China to be the world’s “leading economic power,” and more than 60 percent believe China to be a “critical threat.”

But is China really poised to rival the United States as a major global power?

In his book, Unrivaled: Why America Will Remain the World’s Sole Superpower, Michael Beckley certainly doesn’t think China is in a position to do any such thing.

Beckley, a fellow in the International Security Program at Harvard’s Kennedy School, delves into the available economic, demographic, and military data on China to determine whether the Chinese regime can really hope to become a global power in the same league as the United States.

His answer? Such a scenario is extremely unlikely. Rather than heading in the direction of rivaling the United States, China is a rapidly aging, inefficient, conflict-ridden, and relatively poor country that simply is not on the road to seriously challenging the US’s hegemony.

But why are so many convinced that China is immensely powerful?

Size Doesn’t Equal Power

Much of this, Beckley shows, stems from misunderstandings over how to measure military power. It is often assumed, for example, that gross domestic product (GDP) is the key factor in determining overall geopolitical power. China of course, has a huge GDP that’s comparable to that of the United States. But as Beckley observes, a large GDP isn’t necessarily a big advantage when a country has over a billion residents. In practice, a large GDP doesn’t mean a regime has immense amounts of resources available for war making. Rather, a huge portion of GDP in a highly populous country must go toward providing food, housing, and basic necessities to its enormous population. What is at least as important, Beckley points out, is per capita GDP which is a better indicator of net resources.

We can see this in comparing the US and China today. The US and China have similar overall GDP measures, depending on which statistic one uses. But the US achieves its huge GDP with a population that’s one-third the size of China’s. This means only a small portion of America’s GDP is used for basic needs such as food and housing. In other words, the US has a China-sized economy, but that huge economy is produced by a much smaller number of people who live much farther above subsistence than the average Chinese. This means the US could, if necessary, devote much more of its wealth and resources to war making before the general population had to endure significant declines in the standard of living. A country that lives closer to subsistence levels—as China does—has no such luxury.

In many ways, it’s better to be wealthy than large. For example, Britain’s economy was much smaller than China’s during the nineteenth century, yet Britain repeatedly defeated China in the Opium Wars. Similarly, Japan repeatedly humiliated China from the late nineteenth century into the middle of the twentieth century. This was possible because both Japan and Britain were far more efficient, productive, and wealthy on a per capita basis. The overall size of China’s economy during these periods was not a decisive factor.

The United States, of course, is both wealthy and large.

An Economy That’s Second-Rate

But maybe China is quickly heading in the direction of economic dominance and will soon be nearly as wealthy as the US?

“Not so,” says, Beckley who points to numerous trends in economic growth and demographics in the US and China.

Even assuming China’s official numbers are accurate—a questionable assumption, Beckley notes—China’s growth is slowing, and debt is increasing. Debt has risen “from 100 percent of GDP in the 1990s to more than 255 percent in 2017.” This makes China now comparable to the US in debt load, but China’s debt is growing much faster than the US, and China’s debt growth is the largest ever recorded by a developing country.

Moreover, much of China’s GDP is an artifact of huge government-funded infrastructure programs, which are immensely wasteful: “China’s mega-infrastructure projects look impressive, but roughly 60 percent of them cost more to build than they will ever generate in economic returns.”

But even where growth exists, it’s unlikely to be sufficient to overcome the US’s economic dominance. After all, the United States is already wealthy and brimming with productive capital. China, on the other hand, is a developing country, and even if it enjoys higher growth rates than the US right now, these growth rates must persist for many years before China’s capital stock will begin to resemble that of the US. Nor is there any iron law that developing countries grow faster than wealthy countries. Over the past two hundred years, wealthy countries have generally grown faster than poorer countries.

So, while China may be growing, it is still far behind in terms of the productive capital that the Chinese can access right now. As just one example of China’s lack of productive capital, we could note “China devotes 30 percent of its workforce to farming.” In the US, one percent of the workforce is necessary for food production, partly thanks to extremely productive capital. But in China, 40 percent of farmers still use animal power or human muscle to plow their fields.

China has a long way to go.

Growth and economic development is also crippled by the fact China’s economy is not a free economy. State-owned enterprises continue to dominate the economy, and Beckley writes

Crony capitalism-whether measured by corruption indexes, social network analyses, or investigative reports, is several times greater in China than in the United States…. The major state-owned enterprises receive 75 percent of the country’s bank loans and 95 percent of government stimulus spending.

Additionally, resource development—an important factor for China’s economic development—is crippled by government ownership of mineral rights. This is in stark contrast to the far more entrepreneurial and innovative American system of privately owned real estate and oil and gas resources. Government expropriation of private property is far more widespread in China, and Chinese entrepreneurship is not comparable to what goes on in the US.

The United States, for all its moves toward further constraining and controlling markets at home in recent decades, nonetheless remains far more advanced than China in terms of protecting property rights and thus fostering economic progress. That’s a big reason why the US is more prosperous.

Demographic Problems

China faces a host of demographic problems as well. “China is aging more rapidly than any society in history,” Beckley notes. China is quickly becoming a country of the elderly and the disabled. China is also less healthy: “China’s rates of diabetes and prediabetes also recently surpassed America’s, mainly because of poor nutrition.”

Other health problems persist because water and air is so heavily polluted in China, and “90 percent of China’s groundwater is polluted to some degree…. Air pollution is seven times worse in China than in the United States…. Breathing Beijing’s air is the equivalent of smoking forty cigarettes a day.”

The United States is much younger, more fertile, and more healthy than China’s population. Its workers are better trained. Perhaps it should not be surprising then that “American workers are the most productive in the world and generate roughly seven times the output of Chinese workers on average.”

China’s Military Strength

But perhaps in spite of all of this China is still more militarily powerful than the United States?

Extremely few key indicators point to such a reality. According to Beckley, “The United States has five to ten times the net military assets of China.” American troops are better equipped, and better armed than Chinese troops. Beckley describes how American nuclear subs far outclass Chinese subs. There is no comparison in terms of military tech. The number of advanced aircraft and naval vessels available to the US—and which can be easily and frequently refueled and resupplied—is much larger.

Meanwhile, China faces many more geopolitical constraints in its own back yard than is the case for the US. China is partly hemmed in by wealthy and well-armed neighbors such as Taiwan and Japan. China’s attempts at annexing the South China Sea have earned the ire of the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Moreover, most of China’s neighbors have the ability to inflict real damage on China’s troops and other military resources.

Compared to the US, China must expend far more of its military in dealing with neighbors: “China must secure its land borders, which stretch fourteen thousand miles and include boundaries with fifteen countries…. China shares a bitterly contested fourteen-hundred-mile border with India.” The border with Vietnam “remains tense.” In 2014 and 2015, Chinese and Vietnamese forces exchanged fire. China borders North Korea, which is not exactly a source of serenity for the Chinese state.

The United States, meanwhile, borders two friendly nations, and is otherwise surrounded by huge oceans.

China is in no position to project power outside its own region at all, and thus Beckley concludes, China “cannot maintain sea or air control in its near seas; doing so in the Pacific Ocean or near the American cost is out of the question.”

What Is to Be Done?

As an antialarmist on China, it is perhaps not surprising that Beckley provides a number of sensible recommendations for restrained foreign policy. He suggests the US move toward allowing a large role of the Chinese in a reunified Korea, with the potential for withdrawing US troops completely. Beckley recommends a more defensive posture for the US, rather than one that repeatedly attempts to project American power into areas of critical interest for China or for other major powers like Russia. The purpose would be to “raise the costs of military aggression for China and Russia, but without backing them into a corner.”

For Beckley, restraint is prudent, and “the main danger would be in doing too much rather than doing too little.” And perhaps key in adopting this posture is getting over the idea that the US is in the midst of another Cold War. “The United States is exceptionally secure,” Beckley asserts, and it can thus take a “wait and see” position in responding to moves by China. There is no need to act as if it were the 1960s, when the Cold Warriors of old demanded a swift and large response to every act of the Soviets during the Cold War.

Unrivaled is certainly not without its faults. Written during the Trump administration, much the final chapter already feels dated with Beckley musing on the effects of Trump’s protectionism and unilateral actions in the international sphere. And when it comes to domestic politics, Beckley’s recommendations reads like a center-left wish list of policies, including higher rates of social spending and efforts to increase voter participation. Moreover, the general ideological context of the book is dubious in that it is assumed US global hegemony and dominance is an obvious boon to humanity.

As a resource for countering anti-China militarism, however, Unrivaled is an invaluable resource replete with a myriad of useful statistics, facts, and explanations of demographic, economic, and military trends. Beckley even addresses the military realities of specific cases like a possible future invasion of Taiwan, or China’s attempt at taking over the South China Sea. But in every case, the Chinese regime’s dreams of regional or global hegemony continue to break up upon the rocks of China’s sizable economic and demographic problems. These are problems that must be acknowledged by any politician or pundit seeking to use China as an excuse for continued aggressive American foreign policy.

Senator Ron Johnson: Five Questions for FDA About Pfizer Vaccine Approval

Sen. Ron Johnson: 5 Questions for FDA About Pfizer Vaccine Approval

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Thursday sent a letter to Dr. Janet Woodruff, acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, demanding answers to five questions pertaining to the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) on Thursday sent a letter to Dr. Janet Woodruff, acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), demanding answers to five questions pertaining to the FDA’s approval of the Pfizer Comirnaty COVID vaccine.

The FDA on Aug. 23 granted full approval to Pfizer’s vaccine, over the objections of some scientists who pointed out that full approval was based on only six months’ worth of data — despite clinical trials designed for two years — and that there was no public discussion of the data.

In his Aug. 26 letter, Johnson asked questions similar to those raised earlier this week by Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dr. Meryl Nass about the legal distinction between the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine being administered under Emergency Use Authorization, and Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, which was granted full licensure.

In his letter, Johnson asks these five questions:

1. Why didn’t the FDA grant full licensure for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that is in use and available in the U.S.?

2. How are the Comirnaty and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines “legally distinct” and what are the “certain differences”?

3. There is no doubt that the FDA’s action will lead to more vaccine mandates and increased pressure on those currently choosing not to get vaccinated. Your letter to Pfizer suggests that “there is not sufficient approved vaccine available for distribution.” Is there sufficient supply in the U.S. of the Comirnaty vaccine to ensure that those being vaccinated under mandates will be receiving the FDA-approved version? Or is it more likely (or certain) that they will be vaccinated using the vaccine administered under the reissued EUA?

4. If there is insufficient supply of Comirnaty vaccines for those succumbing to the coercion of mandates, isn’t the FDA de facto endorsing vaccine mandates utilizing EUA vaccines?

5. Will individuals who receive either vaccine be afforded the same legal protections if they are injured by the vaccine? If not, why not?

This isn’t the first time Johnson has written the FDA about COVID vaccines. On Aug. 22, he sent a letter to Woodcock; Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH); and Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky, director of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, criticizing the FDA’s decision not to hold a formal advisory committee meeting to discuss Pfizer’s application for full approval of its vaccine.

In July, Johnson held a news conference with families injured by the vaccines, during which he said the medical community was “repeatedly ignoring” the vaccine-injured.

Dr. Robert Young Finds Graphene Oxide in All Four Vaccines and Other Disturbing Ingredients

Dr. Robert Young‘s recent paper, showing detailed analysis of both the blood and the vaccines, is very technical but well worth the effort. In sum, graphene oxide has been found in all four vaccines. In addition, Trypanosoma cruzi Parasites have been found in the Pfizer vaccine, which are composed of carbon, oxygen chromium, sulphur, aluminum, chloride and nitrogen. The nanoparticulate components of all vaccines make for very interesting and disturbing reading, as do those components that create magnetic effects in the body. A question we are left with is, what is the additional effect on all this if we add environmental radiation into the mix? After all, graphene oxide is an extremely conductive substance, very responsive to electromagnetic radiation. Young’s work also includes analysis of the blood of the vaccinated.

We highly recommend downloading Dr. Young’s full analysis.

Taken together, the ‘vaccine’ components, which include reduced graphene oxide among many others, and which may be influenced by radiation sources external to us, create a toxic chemical and radiative soup inside our bodies.

The ‘vaccines’ are certainly ‘NOT vaccines but nanotechnological drugs working as a genetic therapy.’

The work of Dr. Young so far confirms what the Spanish team called La Quinta Columna has been finding. Find their short videos on Rumble under “Orwellito“.

During a SHTF situation, pain could become an annoyance for some, but unbearable for others.

If doctors are scarce and medicine becomes even scarcer, this one little weed, found all over North America and similar to morphine, could be a saving grace.


Dr. Young’s published investigation into the contents of the vaccines, as well as the blood of the vaccinated, relates to the recent FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine. As Karen Kingston said very clearly to Stew Peters this past week, Pfizer now has 14 days in which to come clean on the vaccine ingredients, as well as the adverse events, &etc. Dr. Young gives us a heads-up on what may be declared or still concealed.

Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines


Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveal the Ingredients in the CoV-19 Vaccines!

Germs Are Born In Us and From Us as an Outfection and NOT an Infection of the Body Cells. In other words, germs are symptoms of cellular and genetic disorganization and NOT the specific cause of the cellular and genetic disorganization! The GERM is NOTHING and the TERRAIN is EVERYTHING. Germs can only contribute to a state of toxic imbalance but NEVER cause ANY specific sickness or disease![55] – Dr. Robert O. Young


Currently there are four major pharmaceutical companies who manufacture a SARS-CoV-2 now called SARS-CoV-19 vaccine. These manufactures and their vaccine are Pfizer–BioNTech mRNA Vaccine, the Moderna-Lonza mRNA-1273 Vaccine, the Serum Institute Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine and the Janssen COVID -19 Vaccine, manufactured by Janssen Biotech Inc., a Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson, a recombinant, replication-incompetent adenovirus type 26 expressing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

The intended purpose of these vaccines are to provide immunity from the so-called infectious novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV – 2 virus now called the SARS-CoV – 19. These four pharmaceutical companies have not provided complete FDA disclosure on their vaccine box, insert fact sheet or label for many of the major and/or minor ingredients contained within these so-called vaccines.

The purpose of this research article is to identify those specific major and minor ingredients contained in the Pfizer Vaccine, the Moderna Vaccine, the Astrazeneca Vaccine and the Janssen Vaccine using various scientific anatomical, physiological and functional testing for each SARS-COV-2-19 vaccine.

As a human right, governed under World Law by the Nuremberg Code of 1947, the vaccine specific ingredient information is critical, required and necessary to know so that any human from any country in the World can make an informed decision whether or not to consent to the SAR-CoV-2-19 inoculation. We have conducted the scientific testing on each vaccine and have identified several ingredients or adjuvants that have not been disclosed which are contained in these four SARS-CoV – 2 -19 vaccines.

Currently, these vaccines are being administered to millions of humans around the World under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) issued by each country without full disclosure of all ingredients and in some cases mandated by governments or employers in violation of individual human rights under the Nuremberg Code of 1947.

Experts predict that an EMP strike that wipes out electricity across the nation would ultimately lead to the demise of up to 90% of the population. However, this figure begs an important question: if we were able to live thousands of years without even the concept of electricity, why would we suddenly all die without it?

Methodology and Techniques

Four “vaccines” were analyzed which are the Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna-Lonza mRNA-1273 VaccineVaxzevria by Astrazeneca, Janssen by Johnson & Johnson, using different instrumentation and protocols of preparation according to new nano particulate technological approaches. The different instrumentation includes Optical Microscopy, Bright-Field Microscopy, pHase Contrast Microscopy, Dark-Field Microscopy, UV absorbance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy, Transmission Electron Microscopy, Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy, X-ray Diffractometer, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance instruments were used to verify the “vaccines’” morphologies and contents. For the high-technology measurements and the care of the investigation, all the controls were activated and reference measurements adopted in order to obtain validated results.

Live Blood Phase Contrast and Dark-Field Microscopy

Images of the aqueous fractions of the vaccines were subsequently obtained to visually assess the possible presence of carbon particulates or graphene.

The observations under optical microscopy revealed an abundance of transparent 2D laminar objects that show great similarity with images from literature (Xu et al, 2019), and with images obtained from rGO standard (SIGMA)(Figures 1, 2 and 3).

Images of big transparent sheets of variable size and shapes were obtained, showing corrugated and flat, irregular. Smaller sheets of polygonal shapes, also similar to flakes described in literature (Xu et al, 2019) can be revealed with pHase Contrast and Dark-Field microscopy (Figure 3).

All these laminar objects were widespread in the aqueous fraction of the blood (Figure 1) or vaccine sample (Figures 2 and 3) and no component described by the registered patent can be associated with these sheets.

In Figure 1 You Can See What A Cluster Bomb of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Looks Like in the Live Unstained Human Blood after a CoV-19 Inoculation Causing Pathological Blood Coagulation![1][2][55][56][57]

Figure 1 is a Micrograph of a Carbon Cluster of Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) Viewed in the Live Unstained Human Blood with pHase Contrast Microscopy at 1500x. Note that the Red Blood Cells are Clotting in and Around the rGO Crystal in a Condition Known as Rouleau! A French Word Which Means to Chain.

What Are the Non-Disclosed Ingredients Contained in CoV – 19 So-Called Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen Vaccines?

To answer this question an aqueous fraction of the Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen vaccines were taken from each vial and then viewed separately under pHase Contrast Microscopy at 100x, 600x up to1500x magnification showing anatomical evidence of reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) particulates which were compared to micrographs of rGO from Choucair et al, 2009 for identification and verification.[3]

Steps of Analysis of Vaccine Aqueous Fractions

Refrigerated samples were processed under sterile conditions, using laminar flow chamber and sterilized labware.

Steps for analyses were:

1. Dilution in 0.9% sterile physiological saline (0.45 ml + 1.2 ml)

2. Polarity fractionation: 1.2 ml hexane + 120 ul of RD1 sample

3. Extraction of hydrophilic aqueous pHase

4. UV absorbance and fluorescence spectroscopy scanning

5. Extraction and quantification of RNA in the sample

6. Electron and optical microscopy of aqueous pHase

The Pfizer “Vaccine” Non-disclosed Ingredients

The micrographs in Figures 2 and 3 were obtained using 100X, 600X and 1500X pHase Contrast, Dark Field and Bright Field Optical Microscopy.[3]

On the left of each micrograph you will view micrographs obtained from the Pfizer vaccine aqueous fraction containing rGO.

On the right of each micrograph you will view a match from known sources containing rGO for anatomical validation.

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The observations under a pHase Contrast, Dark-Field, Bright-Field microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron microscopy of the vaccine product by Pfizer, including vaccine products of Moderna, Astrazeneca and Janssen revealed some entities that can be graphene strips as seen below in Figure 3.

Figure 2 shows an aqueous fraction image from Pfizer vaccine sample (left) and from reduced graphene oxide (rGO) standard (right) (Sigma-777684). Optical microscopy, 100X

Figure 3 – Aqueous fraction images containing reduced graphene oxide from Pfizer vaccine sample (left) and sonicated reduced graphene oxide (rGO) standard (right) (Sigma-777684). Optical pHase contrast microscopy, 600X

Figure 4 shows the liposome Capsid containing rGO that Pfizer uses for its product to vehiculate the graphene oxide by attaching the Liposome capsid to specific mRNA molecules for driving the Liposome contents of fGO to specific organs, glands and tissues, namely the ovaries and testes, bone marrow, heart and brain. The image was obtained by a SEM-Cryo preparation.

Using Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) we observed an intricate matrix or mesh of folded translucent flexible rGO sheets with a mixture of darker multilayer agglomerations and lighter colored of unfolded monolayers as seen in Figure 5. [3]

Figure 5 shows a cluster of graphene nanoparticles in a Pfizer vaccine. They appear to be aggregated.

The darker linear areas in Figure 5 appear to be local overlap of sheets and local arrangement of individual sheets in parallel to the electron beam.[4]

After the mesh, a high density of unidentified rounded and elliptical clear shapes appears, possibly corresponding to holes generated by mechanical forcing of the rGO mesh during treatment as seen in Figure 6.[4]

Figure 6 shows a TEM microscopy observation where particles of reduced graphene oxide in a Pfizer” vaccine” are present. The X-ray diffractometry reveals their nature of crystalline Carbon-based nanoparticles of rGO

Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy Reveals rGO in Pfizer Vaccine[5][6][7]

The Pfizer vaccine liquid fraction was then analyzed for chemical and elemental content using Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) as seen in Figure 6. The EDS spectrum showed the presence of Carbon, Oxygen verifying the rGO elements and Sodium and Chloride since the sample shown in Figures 2, 3, 5, and 6 were diluted in a saline solution.

Figure 7 shows an EDS spectrum of a Pfizer “vaccine” under an ESEM microscopy coupled with an EDS x-ray microprobe (X axis =KeV, Y axis = Counts) identifying Carbon, Oxygen, Sodium and Chloride

The Quantification of mRNA in the Pfizer Vaccine

The quantification of RNA in the Pfizer sample was carried out with conventional protocols (Fisher).

According to NanoDropTM 2000 spectrophotometer calibration check specific software (Thermofisher), the UV absorption spectrum of total aqueous fraction was correlated to 747 ng/ul of unknown absorbing substances.

However, after RNA extraction with commercial kit (Thermofisher), quantification with RNA specific Qbit fluorescence probe (Thermofisher) showed that only 6t ug/ul could be related to the presence of RNA. The spectrum was compatible with the peak of rGO at 270nm.

According to microscopic images presented here, most of this absorbance might be due to graphene-like sheets, abundant in the fluids suspension in the sample.


The SARS-CoVid-2-19 pandemic induced the pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs that they called vaccines.

The mechanism of action of these new drugs as declared by the pharmaceutical industry coupled with what is reported in the vaccine products’ data sheet is NOT clear for current medical savants to understand that those new drugs produced by Pfizer–BioNTech mRNA Vaccine, the Moderna-Lonza mRNA-1273 Vaccine, the Serum Institute Oxford Astrazeneca Vaccine and the Janssen COVID -19 Vaccine, manufactured by Janssen Biotech Inc., a Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson are NOT vaccines but nanotechnological drugs working as a genetic therapy.

The name “vaccine” is likely to be an escamotage (trickery) used for bureaucratic and technocratic reasons in order to receive an urgent approval, ignoring all the normal rules necessary for new drugs, especially for those involving novel nanotechnological mechanisms which have never been developed nor experienced by humans anywhere, at any time in the history of World.

All these so-called “vaccines” are patented and therefore their actual content is kept secret even to the buyers, who, of course, are using taxpayers’ money. So, consumers (taxpayers) have no information about what they are receiving in their bodies by inoculation. Humanity is kept in the dark as far as the nano particulate technological processes involved are concerning, on the negative effects on the cells of the body, but mostly on the possible magneticotoxic, cytotoxic and genotoxic nano-bio-interaction effect on the blood and body cells.

This current research study via direct analysis on the aforementioned so-called “vaccines” by means of nano particulate technological instrumentation reveals disturbing and life-altering information concerning the truth about the actual toxic acidic contents of the so-called vaccines.

You might be living in one of America’s deathzones and not have a clue about it
What if that were you? What would YOU do?

In the next few minutes, I’m going to show you the U.S. Nuclear Target map, where you’ll find out if you’re living in one of America’s Deathzones.

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A situation so dire mere negligence or stupidity are no longer valid excuses (GERMAN MICROBIOLOGIST ISSUES STARK AND URGENT WARNING)

The following is lengthy but well worth a thorough read for a more thorough understanding of how we are being played

The extent to which data about the adverse effects of the booby trapped pseudo-vaccines is being robustly and determinedly withheld from the public is fascinating.

It is so extreme and the risk of harm to very large numbers of human beings so  immense that we can no longer be generous and assume the government and its ministers and agencies are merely dangerously negligent or stupid.

It is becoming impossible to explain what is being done as other than driven by malicious intent.

Those who speak out and seek to warn people must re-double their efforts to get this information to as many as-yet-unvaccinated people as possible because this is now about saving as many lives as we can.

In the interview below, German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi summarises the facts and fictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

[NOTE: Together with Karina Reiss, Ph.D., he has written two books on this subject. The first is “Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures,” and was published in October 2020.

The second is “Corona Unmasked: New Facts and Figures”  and is currently only available in German.

Here is the featured article:

German microbiologist Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi sifts through the facts and fictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

Bhakdi’s Medical Credentials

Bhakdi graduated from medical school in Germany in 1970. After a year of clinical work, he joined the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology, where he remained for four years as a post-doc.

There, he also began researching immunology. Eventually, he ended up chairing the department of medical, microbiology and hygiene at the University of Mainz, where he worked for 22 years until his retirement nine years ago. During that time, Bhakdi also worked on vaccine development, and says he’s “certainly pro-vax with regards to the vaccinations that work and that are meaningful.”

Much of his research focused on what’s called the complement system. When activated, the complement system ends up working in such a way that it destroys rather than aids your cells. Interestingly enough, SARS-CoV-2 uses this very system to its advantage, turning your immune system toward a path of self-destruction.

The same self-destructive path also appears to be activated by the COVID shots, which is part of why Bhakdi believes they are the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. “It is our duty to aggressively inform people about the dangers that they are subjecting themselves and their loved ones to by this ‘vaccination,’” he says.

How Effective Are the COVID Shots?

While the COVID injections have been characterized as being somewhere around 95% effective against SARS-CoV-2 infection, this claim is the product of statistical obfuscation. In short, they’ve conflated relative risk reduction and absolute risk reduction. The absolute risk reduction is actually right around 1% for all currently available COVID shots.1

In “Outcome Reporting Bias in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Clinical Trials”2 Ron Brown, Ph.D. calculates the absolute risk reduction for Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections, based on their own clinical trial data, so that they can be compared to the relative risk reduction reported by these companies. Here’s a summary of his findings:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine BNT162b2 — Relative risk reduction: 95.1%. Absolute risk reduction: 0.7%
  • Moderna vaccine mRNA-1273 — Relative risk reduction: 94.1%. Absolute risk reduction 1.1%

In a July 1, 2021, commentary in The Lancet Microbe,3 Piero Olliaro, Els Torreele and Michel Vaillant also argue for the use of absolute risk reduction when discussing vaccine efficacy with the public. They too went through the calculations, coming up with the following:

  • Pfizer/BioNTech — Relative risk reduction: 95%. Absolute risk reduction: 0.84%
  • Moderna — Relative risk reduction: 94%. Absolute risk reduction: 1.2%
  • Gamaleya (Sputnic V) — Relative risk reduction: 91%. Absolute risk reduction: 0.93%
  • Johnson & Johnson — Relative risk reduction: 67%. Absolute risk reduction: 1.2%
  • AstraZeneca/Oxford — Relative risk reduction: 67%. Absolute risk reduction: 1.3%

[UKR Editor: absolute and relative risk are extremely slippery concepts not explained in this article and to be honest we’ve had trouble finding a clear explanation as even the experts seem to have trouble explaining it. This of course makes it very easy to use if you want to bamboozle people or fiddle the stats to make your product sound better than it is. Fortunately we finally found a website that makes a good job of explaining it and how to use the absolute risk figure to make an informed choice about a medicine. Good stuff! 

What Kind of Protection Do the COVID Shots Provide?

Aside from providing insignificant protection in terms of your absolute risk reduction, it’s important to realize that they do not provide immunity. All they can do is reduce the severity of the symptoms of infection. According to Bhakdi, they fail even at this.

“They showed absolutely zero [benefit in the clinical trials],” he says. “This is the ridiculousness. People don’t understand that they’re being fooled and have been fooled all along. Let’s take the one of these Pfizer trials: 20,000 healthy people were vaccinated and another 20,000 people were not vaccinated.

And then they observed, over a period of 12 weeks or so, how many cases they found in the vaccinated group and how many cases they found the non-vaccinated. What they found was that less than 1% of the vaccinated group got COVID-19 and less than 1% in the non-vaccinated group also got COVID-19.

The difference was 0.8 to 0.1%, which is nothing, considering the fact that they were not even looking at severe cases. They were looking at people with a positive PCR test — which as we all now know is worthless — plus one symptom, which could be cough or fever.

That is not a severe case of COVID-19. Any vaccination that is going to get authorized must be shown to protect against severe illness and death, and this has definitely not been shown. So, forget authorization. It can’t be authorized, not by any normal means.

Now [the COVID injections do not have] full authorization, it’s an emergency authorization, which again is absolute bullshit, since we know the infection fatality rate of this disease or virus is not greater than that of seasonal flu. John Ioannidis has published these numbers, which have never been contested by anyone in the world and cannot be contested.

If you are under 70 years of age and have no severe preexisting illness, you can hardly die [from SARS-CoV-2 infection]. So, there is no fatality rate that can be reduced.

And for people who are elderly and have preexisting illness, as we know from Dr. Peter McCullough and his colleagues’ work, there are very good means and medicines to treat this virus so that the fatality rates go down another 70 to 80%, which means there is no ground for emergency use whatsoever.

This means the FDA should be able to be forced to retract this emergency use authorization — unless they are in league with whoever wants to do this.”

I neglected to follow-up on his comment about 40,000 people being equally divided between the injection and no injection groups in the COVID injection trials. A few months ago, they actually abandoned the non-injection arm of the trial, so no there is no control group anymore.

The justification was that the injection was too important to deny it to the control group. It’s just another sneaky way to skirt around reporting all the adverse effects occurring in the injection group.

That said, it’s worth repeating that the FDA can only grant emergency use authorization for a pandemic drug or vaccine if there’s no safe and effective preexisting treatment or alternative. Since there are several such alternatives, the FDA is legally required to revoke the emergency authorization for these shots.

Evidence of Increased Infection Risk After Injection

Presently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims some 95% of SARS-CoV-2 infections resulting in hospitalization are occurring among the unvaccinated. This too is a statistical fiction, as they’re using data from January through June 2021, when most of the American public were unvaccinated.

Looking at more recent data, we’re finding that the majority of severe cases and hospitalizations are actually occurring among those that received the COVID jab. Unfortunately, as noted by Bhakdi:

“It’s all manipulated. And, if someone wants to manipulate something and are in a position to then propagate it, you have no chance of analyzing it and telling people because we have no voice in this affair. When we stand up and tell people this, they just turn around and say that’s not the truth.”

Disturbingly, we’re now starting to see the first indications of antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), which many scientists were concerned about from the very beginning. India, for example, where 10% of the population has been “vaccinated,” is now seeing very severe cases of COVID-19. Bhakdi says:

“What we’re witnessing in India and probably also in Israel is the immune dependent enhancement of disease … It’s bound to happen. So, the people who are getting vaccinated now have to be fearful of the next wave of genuine infections, whether it’s [SARS-CoV-2 variants] or any other coronaviruses, because they’re all related and they will all be subject to immune dependent enhancement, obviously.”

Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), or paradoxical immune enhancement (PIE) refers to a condition where the vaccination results in the complete opposite of what you’re looking for. Rather than protect against the infection, the vaccine augments and worsens the infection.

ADE can occur through more than one mechanism, and Bhakdi is of the opinion that the enhancement is primarily due to over-reactive killer lymphocytes and secondary complement activation, both of which cause severe damage.

Antibodies Versus Lymphocytes

Bhakdi explains:

“There are two major arms of defense against viral infection. One is the antibodies that, if they are present, may prevent the virus from entering your cells. These are so-called neutralizing antibodies, which the vaccination is supposed to [produce].

But the antibodies are not at the place that they are needed, which is on the surface of the airway epithelium. They are in the blood, but not at the surface of the epithelium where the virus arrives. The second arm of immune defense then comes into play, and these are the lymphocytes.

There are different types of lymphocytes and I will simplify matters by saying the important lymphocytes are the so-called killer lymphocytes that sense whenever a virus product is being produced in the cell. They will then destroy the cells that harbor the virus and thus the factory is closed and you get well again.

That is the mechanism for how we can survive viral infections of the lung, and this happens all the time. So, the lymphocytes, in contrast to the antibodies, recognize many, many, many parts of the proteins. So, if a virus changes a little bit, it doesn’t matter, because the waste products that are recognized by the killer lymphocytes remain very similar.

That is why all of us, and this is now known, all of us have memory lymphocytes in our lymph nodes and lymphoid organs that are trained to recognize these coronaviruses. And whether or not a mutant is there, it doesn’t really matter, because they will recognize a mutant or variant.”

According to Bhakdi, coronaviruses can only undergo point mutations, meaning only one nucleotide at a time can be changed. The influenza virus, meanwhile, can undergo more radical mutations. For example, a flu virus can completely change its spike protein by swapping spike proteins with another virus that is simultaneously present.

This sort of shift is not possible with coronaviruses. Therefore, you will never have leaps in antigenic changes either for antibodies or for T-cell killer lymphocytes. That’s why the background immunity that evolves during the lifetime of a human being is very broad and solid.

Natural Immunity Is Far Superior to Vaccine-Induced Immunity

One of the most egregious nullifications of medical scientific truth is the claim that COVID “vaccination” confers superior protection compared than the natural immunity you get after you’ve been exposed to the virus and recover. The reality is that natural immunity is infinitely more superior to the vaccine-induced protection you get from these shots, which is both narrow and temporary.

The COVID shot produces antibodies against just one of the viral proteins, the spike protein, whereas natural immunity produces antibodies against all parts of the virus, plus memory T cells. As noted by Bhakdi:

“The very fact that the World Health Organization has changed the definition of herd immunity … is such a scandal. I’m at a loss of words to describe how ridiculous I find this all, that this is being accepted by our colleagues. How can the physicians and scientists of the world bear to listen to all this nonsense?”

How the COVID Shot Causes Damage

As explained by Bhakdi, when you get a COVID shot, genetic instructions are being injected into your deltoid muscle. Muscle drains into your lymph nodes, which in turn can enter your bloodstream. There may also be direct translocation from the muscle into smaller blood vessels.

Animal data submitted by Pfizer to Japanese authorities show the mRNA appeared within the blood within one or two hours of injection. The rapidity of it suggests the nano particles are translocated from the muscle directly into the blood, bypassing the lymph nodes.

Even microclots that don’t completely block the blood vessel can have serious ramifications. You can check for presence of microclots by performing a D-dimer blood test. If your D-dimer is elevated, you have clotting somewhere in your body.

Once inside your bloodstream, the genetic instructions are delivered to the cells available, namely your endothelial cells. These are the cells that line your blood vessels. These cells then start producing spike protein, as per the mRNA instructions. As the name implies, the spike protein looks like a sharp spike protruding from the cell wall, into the bloodstream.

Since they are not supposed to be there, your killer lymphocytes rush to the area, thinking the cells are infected. The killer lymphocytes attack the cells, which causes damage to the cell wall. This damage, in turn, provokes clot formation. We’re now seeing evidence that COVID shots are causing all manner of clotting issues, from microsized clots to massive clots stretching a foot or more in length.

Of course, when a large enough clot occurs in the heart, you end up with a heart attack. In the brain, you end up with stroke. But even microclots that don’t completely block the blood vessel can have serious ramifications. You can check for presence of microclots by performing a D-dimer blood test. If your D-dimer is elevated, you have clotting somewhere in your body.

How Vaccine-Induced Antibodies Can Cause Harm

But that’s not all. The anti-spike protein antibodies can also be harmful. Bhakdi explains:

“The other thing that has now emerged is just as frightening [as the clotting problem]. One to two weeks after the first jab, you start making antibodies in large amounts.

Now, when the second jab is done, and the spike proteins starts to project from the walls of your vessels into your bloodstream, it is not only met by the killer lymphocytes, but now the antibodies are also there and the antibodies activate [the] complement [system].

That was my first field of research. The first cascade system is the clotting system. Turn it on and the blood will clot. If you turn on the complement system with the antibodies that bind to your vessel wall, then this complement system will start creating holes in the vessel wall.

And you see these patients who have bleeding in the skin. Ask, where does that come from? Well, if you go around riddling your vessels with holes, you [get bleeding]. If the holes riddle vessels of the liver, or the pancreas or the brain, then the blood will seep through the vessels into the tissues …

[The COVID injections] are in your bloodstream for at least a week, and they will seep into any organ. And when those [organ] cells then start to make the spike protein themselves, then the killer lymphocytes will also seek and destroy them [in that organ, creating more damage and subsequent clotting].

What we are witnessing is one of the most fascinating experiments that could lead to massive autoimmune disease. When this will happen, God knows. And what this will lead to, God knows.”

COVID Jab May Trigger Latent Viruses and Cancer

The COVID jabs can also decimate your lymph nodes, as your lymph nodes are full of lymphocytes and other immune cells. Some of the lymphocytes will die immediately upon contact, causing inflammation.

Cells that don’t die and take up the mRNA and start producing spike protein will be recognized as virus producers and get attacked by the complement system. It essentially creates a war between some immune cells against other immune cells. As a result of this attack, your lymph nodes swell and become painful.

This is a serious problem, as the lymphocytes in your lymph nodes are lifelong sentinels that keep latent infection such as shingles under control. When they malfunction or are destroyed, these latent viruses can activate. This is why we’re seeing reports of shingles, lupus, herpes, Epstein-Barr, tuberculosis and other infections emerge as a side effect of the shots. Of course, certain cancers can also be affected.

“As we all know, tumors are forming every day in our bodies, but those tumor cells are recognized by our lymphocytes and then they’re snuffed out,” Bhakdi says. “So, I am worried sick that the world is being goaded into taking something into the body that is going to change the whole face of medicine.”

Informed Consent Is Virtually Impossible

After giving this issue a great deal of thought, Bhakdi is convinced that the COVID injection campaign must be stopped.

“Gene-based vaccines are an absolute danger to mankind and their use at present violates the Nuremberg codex, such that everyone who is propagating their use should be put before tribunal,” Bhakdi says.

“Especially the vaccination of children is something that is so criminal that I have no words to express my horror … We are horribly worried that there’s going to be an impact on fertility. And this will be seen in years or decades from now. And this is potentially one of the greatest crimes, simply one of the greatest crimes imaginable …

As we all know, it is laid down by the Nuremberg codex that in case experiments are to be conducted in humans, this can only be performed with informed consent.

Informed consent means that the person to be vaccinated has to be informed about all the risks, the risk benefit ratios, the potential dangers and what is known about side effects. This cannot be done with children, because children are not in the position to understand it.

Therefore, they cannot give informed consent. Therefore, they cannot be vaccinated. If anyone does that, he should be set before a tribunal. If grownups have been informed and want to get the shot, that’s all right. But don’t force anyone to get the shot. It has to be by informed consent only.”

Of course, informed consent is also virtually impossible even for adults, as they’re only given one side of the story. All side effects and risks are censored virtually everywhere and discussions about them are banned. The U.S. government is even pushing to criminalize discussion about COVID injection risks.

Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’ve already gotten one or two shots, there’s nothing you can do about that. Certainly, do not get a booster, as each booster is undoubtedly going to magnify the damage.

“In the end, I predict that we’re going to see mass illnesses and deaths among people who normally would have wonderful lives ahead of them,” Bhakdi says.

The question on people’s minds is, can anything be done to reverse the damage from these shots? As yet, we do not know.

However, if you have received one or more shots and develop symptoms of an infection, Bhakdi recommends treatment with hydroxychloroquine and/or ivermectin, such as the Zelenko protocol,4and the MATH+ protocols,5 which have proven their effectiveness. It’s important to realize you may actually be more prone to serious infection, not less.

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide can also be used for prevention and treatment of COVID-19, as detailed in Dr. David Brownstein’s case paper6 and Dr. Thomas Levy’s free e-book, “Rapid Virus Recovery.” Whichever treatment protocol you use, make sure you begin treatment as soon as possible, ideally at first onset of symptoms.”



Many Americans Are Not Prepared To Deal With Depression Level Living: The lack of planning by society will make this a reality if it is allowed. What will you do when everything you have worked a lifetime for is suddenly taken away?

The forces are mounting that will eventually overwhelm most Americans and send their standard of living to unknown depths. Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of whining, self absorbed, entitlement minded people with no moral or mental toughness.

Doug Casey believes we are headed for what he calls a super depression created by the ending of a debt super cycle. The bigger the debt cycle the bigger the depression that follows. That’s how reality works and most people are not prepared for reality.

When this depression, which has already started, gets momentum, it will overwhelm the plans of a society that is expecting to get things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans they have paid into for many years. All of those things will disappear almost overnight and leave society gasping and stupefied over what to do. Their reactions will be to yell and scream and try to identify who to blame but the only person they should blame is the one in the mirror.

Many very smart people have raised the alarm and done their best to warn the sleeping public, but those slumbering masses have ignored the warnings and hit the snooze button one more time. The masses do not understand economics, do not want to understand economics and they will pay dearly for that ignorance in the coming days.

When the real unemployment rate becomes common knowledge as it increases substantially, people will be left to survive on what resources they have saved up outside the banking system that cannot be stolen by the politicians and bankers. That is a key point here. The assets you have outside the system that cannot be stolen from you with a few key strokes on some computer.

Those hoping for some miraculous event that will send the U.S. back to the days of manufacturing might and jobs for all will never see it happen. Those days are gone. The west line theory tells us our economy will slow down and become more modest as the shipping center of the world moves west to the next powerhouse region which is Asia. This is what history teaches us.

When people suddenly wake up one morning and they have no job, their retirement is gone and they need to care for their family, what will they do? When government services have collapsed and they suddenly realize they are now living in a third world country with few government services, what will they do? When the banks are closed and only a select few connected people have any type of money or access to goods, what will they do?

This is the reality that many people will face in the future and they have no idea how bad it can get. They refuse to contemplate the harsh reality they will be living in and take steps to mitigate the effects. To do so would be to acknowledge it could happen and they are taking personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is a dirty phrase in today’s entitlement society. To see some of the effects one only has to look at the collapse of society in Venezuela today to see what awaits.

When it happens it will all fall back to you to take responsibility for your family and take care of them for the duration. To do that you need to plan now for that eventuality and build up the resources you will need to provide food, shelter, clothing and security when the system fails to do it for you. You need to be Noah on his ark not the people watching as he floated away.

Having resources stored up is a must but it may not get you all the way through if the situation lasts for many years. That is why you need some type of plan to replace those resources as time goes by and have some way to generate some type of income or at least items to trade. Usable goods are for the short term and things like gold ,silver and production equipment are for the long term to help you get through the crisis with the least amount of pain.

Even with proper planning the days ahead will not be easy as the standard of living of society will fall substantially to levels only seen in failed third world countries or old pictures. The assets actually owned by people today is very small compared to how they live. They will default on their home loan, their car loan, and their credit card debt leaving them with very few real possessions and few ways to move what they have left even if they have some place to go. Ultimately these people will become the new serfs to the wealthy class that will take possession of anything of value. Feudalism will once again rule.

The lack of planning by society will make this a reality if it is allowed. What will you do when everything you have worked a lifetime for is suddenly taken away? Do you have a plan to keep what you have? Do you have a plan to make money when you cannot find a job? Do you have a way to take care of your family until things stabilize? Do you have a home you will not lose if the whole system breaks down? What will you do if electricity or fuel is too expensive to buy or not available to the general population? These are the questions you should be asking yourself now and you better have a good answer because your family will be asking them when the greater depression sets in.

God Wins (But We Must be His Instrument)- Picture Jacob Rothschild, Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Joe Biden, Macron and Fidelito Castro in the front row. They will all be tried for crimes against humanity.

Picture Jacob Rothschild,  Anthony Fauci,
Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson,Joe Biden, Macron and Fidelito Castro in the front row.  They will all be tried for crimes against humanity.
Politicians, doctors, celebrities, professors, media publishers and pundits, judges, cops, preachers do not serve the public who pay their salaries.

Most are opportunists and traitors chosen from the ranks of Freemasonry (Jewish Cabalism, Satanism) to serve the central banking cartel.

The central bankers have overreached and exposed their sinister globalist network to all and sundry.

Far from resulting in permanent planetary lockdown (Communist Agenda 2030,) this misstep will cost them their monopoly over government credit and result in a rebirth of freedom. 

There is no way the human race is going to accept toxic vaccines, masks and lockdowns indefinitely. Once the next flu season arrives and people realize this is never going to end, and many are dying, they will rise up against the traitors who have inflicted so much needless damage and death on millions of people. 


A virus with a death rate of less than half a per cent is not a pandemic. It is a pathetic excuse for radical undemocratic economic and social change. Blame for any further illness can be placed on the toxic vaccines.

The Masonic Jewish central bankers believe they can overrule the moral and natural laws of the universe. They are about to learn that they cannot and we are going to teach them that lesson.

We will do it by resisting their bullshit en masse. 

God is calling upon us to sacrifice for Him, and ultimately for us. Just as Jesus gave his life, some of us will have to suffer or even die. But we have no alternative. We will die on our feet. We will not live on our knees. 

We must not let them continue to gaslight us. As Dr. Mike Yeadon demonstrates, everything about Covid is a monstrous fraud. The fraudsters must be held to account. 


As soon as they see the tide has turned, the rats will abandon ship.


We are a movement and we need to start behaving like one. We need to swell the ranks of existing trustworthy organizations. We need to eschew anyone or anything with a Masonic connection. 

I invite you to suggest some organizations. One might be Edward Griffin’s Red Pill University. Griffin has been warning of Communist subversion before some of us were born. He is trustworthy. Individuals who have earned our support include E. Michael Jones, Andy Ngo, Alex Newman, Vernon Coleman, Mike Yeadon, Judy Mikowits and Carrie Madej. 

Is Alex Jones’ a dependable leader? Trump is definitely false opposition. A Freemason, in Israel’s pocket. 

Then, we will form an umbrella organization to coordinate resistance.  We may have to work with Trumpers. 

We need to reach out to the Left and convince them that we have a common enemy, and should unite. We want everyone to prosper according to God’s Plan. God loves all his children equally.MUTUAL SUPPORT

We need to rally behind people who have sacrificed themselves for the cause. Jeff

Murray was murdered by Freemason cops on May 9.     He is our George Floyd. But since the banksters are funding BLM and not freedom and justice, Murray’s death barely got a notice in the media.

Worse, there was little to no outrage from his fellow truthers. 
You could be next.  John Ernest was obviously misguided. But he still deserves our support.

Everyone wants to keep their head down. Everyone is scared. 

Folks, they know who we are. No point hiding. Time to stand up and be counted. Time to organize militias.


We are approaching a major battle. They have made a return to freedom contingent on taking untested GMO vaccines. This is breathtakingly audacious (it’s called “chutzpah”) and will result in their downfall as millions become aware that these vaccines are toxic and designed to control or kill us. 

God wins. But He requires our agency. 

We need to step up to the plate, or strike out for all time. 

Our rejection of the God within is the reason humanity is in jeopardy. God is Bliss. Truth. Justice. Beauty. Love. 

God is all the things we crave. Satanists have trained us to hate the thing we need most.

God’s Plan is the path of human development, personal and collective.

Money will not save us. Money is the problem. The scamdemic and resulting tyranny were all bought and paid for by the central bankers. Money is just digits on their ledger.

They can erase them anytime they like.

We need to resist vaccine apartheid and the covid fraud with all our might.

Let’s show the new-Nuremburgers that we will pay any price for our freedom.

God wins, sooner or later. 

When God wins, we win.

Will you join God’s army? 

Will you participate in His victory?

Russia and the European Union: Shall We Dispense with Summits?

Another mini-scandal broke out in the European Union the other day. Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, perhaps impressed by the recent Geneva summit between the presidents of Russia and the United States, suggested to her EU partners that they think about inviting Vladimir Putin to the upcoming Euro summit. Indeed, if none other than Joe Biden deems it appropriate to extend his already prolonged European tour for a conversation with his Russian counterpart, then EU leaders should not lag behind their ally from across the pond. President of France Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz were quick to endorse the initiative. Judging by the response of Dmitry Peskov, Press Secretary for the President of Russia, the Russian leadership was rather interested in such a meeting as well.

It would normally be safe to assume that such a powerful coalition in favour of a meeting of this kind means that a summit would be organized as soon as possible, promising a productive conversation. However, Angela Merkel’s proposal—predictably—did not satisfy everyone in Europe. The first to refuse to participate in the possible summit was Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who cited the ongoing investigation of the 2014 Malaysian Airlines plane crash in the east of Ukraine as the reason. The leaders of Lithuania and Latvia also opposed extending an invitation to Vladimir Putin to be immediately joined by the leaders of several Central European states that traditionally oppose any political dialogue with Moscow, in any forms and at any level.

Die-hard opponents of Vladimir Putin who do not tend to support seeking compromise were quick to point out that such a summit would be an unjustified gift to the Russian leader, one that he has clearly not deserved. Inviting Putin would send the “wrong signal” which could inspire Russia to carry out more “destructive acts” in Europe and around the world. There was talk of the German Chancellor making a “false start” by voicing her proposal right before discussions with other EU heads of states. Imposing new EU sanctions on Moscow was proposed as an alternative to a summit. Ultimately, Brussels failed to achieve a consensus, with the summit issue postponed until better times.

The kind of summit we do not need

To be fair, it was far from everyone in Russia who was enthusiastic about the idea of an EU summit either. Experts, analysts and politicians came out saying that inviting Putin to a summit would be like summoning an indolent student to a meeting with the school principal and teachers to be scolded for poor grades and bad behaviour. Russian “Euro-sceptics” hastened to remind people that Brussels’ long-proclaimed goal of achieving strategic autonomy from the United States has largely remained on paper; consequently, to meet indecisive, dependent and insecure European politicians would be a waste of time.

Pessimists noted once again that Russia and the European Union held 32 summits in the 20 years from 1995 to 2014, with two being held every year between 2000 and 2013. Yet, these numerous and rather officious events failed to resolve the many fundamental problems in Moscow–Brussels relations, nor to prevent the severe European security crisis in the spring and summer of 2014.

One thing is clear: neither Moscow nor Brussels needs another “ceremonial” summit. Such a summit, however, is an apparent impossibility, given the current state of affairs in Europe. Let us at least recall the dismal outcome of the visit that Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, made to Moscow in February. Hardly anyone in the European Union or Russia would wish such an outcome for another visit, this time at the highest level. Amid the current situation, even a hypothetical breakthrough in some important dimension of bilateral relations is hard to envision, be it a liberalization of the visa regime, a cessation of the EU’s sanctions pressure on Moscow, a reduction in the intensity of information warfare, some advances in bolstering security in Europe or in any other area.

No particular opportunities for moving towards a meeting of minds regarding the political dimensions of the “common neighbourhood” can be seen either. In the near future, neither the East of Ukraine, nor Belarus, nor even the South Caucasus or Moldova will become shining examples of constructive interaction between Russia and the European Union. There are even fewer reasons to hope that such a summit will produce unified approaches to a new world order or at least to building a “greater Europe.” Russia will not accept any pan-European construct with the European Union at the centre and Russia in the position of a dependent “Eurasian periphery.” Brussels, in turn, will not agree to building “Greater Europe” on two interconnected pillars, since it does not consider the Eurasian Economic Union to be its equal.

But if the meeting’s agenda boils down to the ritualized exposition of the parties’ well-known stances on, say, Ukraine or Belarus, human rights or sovereignty, there is then no need to hold a summit. Such verbal spats can continue through the efforts of eloquent diplomats, sassy journalists, or MPs looking to make a name for themselves.

Nevertheless, I would think that an EU–Russia summit would be useful for the same reason that the U.S.–Russia summit in Geneva was. Summits between adversaries are needed as much as summits between allies. When relations between neighbours turn out to be mostly those of rivalry and, especially, of confrontation, summits allow the parties to decide on their mutual “red lines” and—once these are agreed on—to reduce the risks and costs of mutual deterrence.

Where do the “red lines” lie?

Russia’s “red lines” in its relations with the West are roughly clear, and they were delineated back in Geneva. Everything that Moscow perceives as an infringement on its sovereignty will be thwarted in the most severe and unequivocal form. It is up for debate whether Vladimir Putin is correct in opposing any attempt by the West to “internationalize” human rights issues, bring up questions about the role of political opposition or an independent judiciary and claim the part of a defender of dissenters and—more broadly—Russian civil society. Yet, this is the Kremlin’s current stance which is unlikely to change in the coming years. There is no ambiguity or hypocrisy here.

The EU’s “red lines” for Moscow, on the other hand, are drawn far more vaguely. Rather, they are drawn but they are too many for a realistic strategy to stand some chance of success. Brussels speaks far too often about the “unacceptable” actions or even potentially “unacceptable” actions of Moscow, whether relating to Ukraine, Syria, Belarus, Libya, Alexey Navalny, new lists of “undesirable organizations,” Moscow’s contacts with European right-wing populists or expulsions of EU diplomats from Moscow. Ultimately, it is extremely difficult—or well short of impossible—to understand the hierarchy of Europe’s multiple grievances, claims and complaints when it comes to Moscow.

When a formula is used too often and clearly to excess, it inevitably becomes devoid of meaning—if the European Union finds almost every domestic or international step (or potential step) the Kremlin makes to be unacceptable, then “red lines” merge into a single crimson field that has nothing to do with real politics. If the European Union thinks the Russian leadership should be prohibited from any and every action, this means that it is, in fact, free to do anything it pleases.

Obviously, the EU leadership cordially dislikes many of Moscow’s foreign policy steps, and they are not thrilled about the current dynamic of Russia’s domestic developments either. However, the EU is incapable of forcing the Russian leadership to make a U-turn in a particular area. Times when Russia was willing to be a diligent and obedient student of the European Union are long gone and are unlikely to return. Therefore, we need to look for partial agreements—clearly far from ideal and compromise-based by default—in those areas that are vital for the European Union. That is, “red lines” should not be mere tropes of political rhetoric but reflections of the European Union’s real priorities.

Incidentally, unlike the EU leaders, President Joe Biden of the United States set very specific and unequivocal “red lines.” The Geneva summit confirmed what was unacceptable for him—foreign cyberattacks on critical U.S. infrastructure and cyber-meddling in U.S. domestic politics. This is why Biden did what Trump did not dare do. He namely increased the level of bilateral interaction between Moscow and Washington on cyber security issues. If the aborted EU–Russia summit resulted in a single decision—such as a substantive dialogue on the broad range of cyber threats issues and ways to reduce them—it would ultimately justify all the efforts that would have gone into preparing and holding the summit.

It seems obvious that priority pockets of cooperation can only be singled out once the parties have drawn their “red lines.” Top-level dialogue is indispensable here. Fortunately or unfortunately, following a long stagnation in the relations, the only possible way to change the currently entrenched trend of keeping the negative status quo is with a summit.

Only a clear political signal from the top, expressed in no uncertain terms, can inspire to action the vast armies of officials, diplomats, experts and business leaders on both sides who are not always ready to “jump the gun.” If the Russian and EU leaders achieved a fundamental agreement to work together on the issues of “green energy,” 5G or international migrations, these decisions would greenlight the work of the relevant agencies, ministries, corporations, public organizations, professional communities and educational institutions that are already primed for action.

To the global community, an EU–Russia summit would herald that Brussels and Moscow do not intend to watch with indifference as a new global bipolarity is emerging. On the contrary, they are firmly determined to prevent it from taking ground while remaining fully independent and active global actors.

Alternatives will always be there

There is still hope that an EU–Russia summit can still take place before Angela Merkel leaves the European political scene—specifically, before Germany’s parliamentary elections on September 26, 2021. Not only because her departure will mark a pause in Germany’s foreign policy (even if this pause will not necessarily be a long one) but because the current Chancellor of Germany has poured much effort and energy into stabilizing Moscow–Brussels relations. She did not totally succeed, and not all her ideas invited definitive agreement, but it would be fair to let this truly outstanding European politician complete her part on the European scene.

As someone who has some idea of how the bureaucracy in Brussels works and what the current balance of political power within the European Union is, I must admit that Angela Merkel’s chances of having her final political “special” with Vladimir Putin making an appearance are slim. Those who are against the dialogue can rejoice. Once again, they have defeated Europe’s political heavyweights and imposed their position on the European Union. Apparently, the relations between Moscow and Brussels have been paused yet again, and it remains to be seen how long this situation will last.

There are only two conclusions that Russia can draw following the refusal of the European Union to hold a joint summit. First, it appears that important issues of European security need to be discussed with the United States rather than Europe. Moscow’s main task is to come to agreement with Washington, and it will make every effort to do so over the next few months. It is then up to Washington to ensure that the (Central) European capitals support the agreements achieved, using any means it deems fit.

Second, if it is well-nigh impossible to come to agreement with Brussels, then Russia should, as before, prioritize bilateral relations with Berlin, Paris, Rome and other European capitals interested in fostering cooperation. Let these capitals enforce the decisions they and Moscow need from Brussels in areas beyond their national jurisdictions. And relations with the European Union as such will develop in the same way they have developed over the last seven years—that is, they will not develop at all.

Certainly, the EU’s refusal to hold a summit further bolsters those forces in Moscow that have long been promoting the idea of the “civilizational incompatibility” of Russia and Europe, calling for a speedier “pivot to the Orient” while adding every-so-often suggestions that Russia withdraw from the pan-European organizations of which it is still a member. As far as these are concerned, the very idea of a Russia–Europe summit today seems useless to them at best and harmful at worst, since it draws attention away from the far more important objectives of Russia’s foreign policy on the vast expanses of the Eurasian continent.

Naturally, few in Brussels would welcome such developments, as they hardly meet the long-term interests of Warsaw, Riga, Tallinn, Vilnius and Prague. The European stage is thus likely to treat us to more new covers of old songs. Russia will again be repeatedly accused of unjustified “Americentrism,” the desire to undermine “European unity,” overestimating the prospects of Russia–China cooperation and underestimating the European Union’s role in the world today. They will say that a conversation with Russia does not need to be launched at the top level, as it would be better to discuss many issues as a matter of routine interactions—only when there are prospects of earnest cooperation can the idea of a summit be brought up again. Maybe in a year, or two… or five.

However, such reproaches and reasoning do not appear overly convincing given the EU’s pointed refusal to have a direct and frank top-level dialogue with Moscow. As the French classic Jean-Baptiste Molière said on a different occasion, “You wanted it, George Dandin!”

Israel: COVID-19 Might Be Over, But Viral Infections are Surging

We remind readers that Israel has pursued an incredibly aggressive public vaccination policy on its people in service to Pfizer, as well as creating vaccine passes that divide the population into an ‘in’ and ‘out’ group, limiting access to the ‘outs’. Oh, the irony. Shockingly, Pfizer was said to have targeted Israel for its vaccine rollout and was likely the only vaccine in use there; the Israeli government even agreed to turn over citizen data to Pfizer. How did Pfizer manage to get so much power?

Here’s what Gilad Atzmon had to say in late February:

If Israelis are confused by the fact that their government treats them like laboratory pets, if they wonder why their freedom to travel, to socialise or even earn a living have evaporated, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla produced a genuine answer yesterday. In an interview on NBC Bourla said:

“I believe Israel has become the world’s lab right now because they are using only our vaccine at this state and they have vaccinated a very big part of their population, so we can study both economy and health indices.”

I have no issue with medical experiments involving humans if the participants are fully aware of all possible circumstances and considerations involved in their consent. This didn’t happen in Israel. By means of ‘green passports,’ the government practically threatens to penalise anyone reluctant to participate in a ‘lab’ experiment for a giant pharmaceutical company with a very problematic record.

Note below that the Jerusalem Post report STUDIOUSLY AVOIDS MENTION OF THE VACCINE …

COVID-19 might be over, but viral infections in Israel are surging

Children and adults around the country are getting sick as it usually happens in the winter, experts say.

This undated transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, also known as novel coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, isolated from a patient in the U.S. Virus particles are shown emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. The spikes on the outer edge of the virus parti (photo credit: NIAID-RML/FILE PHOTO/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

This undated transmission electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2, also known as novel coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, isolated from a patient in the U.S. Virus particles are shown emerging from the surface of cells cultured in the lab. The spikes on the outer edge of the virus parti (photo credit: NIAID-RML/FILE PHOTO/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS).

The corona crisis might be over, but all over Israel adults and children are getting sick with viral infections in a phenomenon that is unprecedented for this time of the year, according to several medical professionals..

“We have never seen anything like this,” said Dr. Tal Brosh, head of Infectious Disease Unit at the Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital. “We’ve been monitoring viral infections in the hospital, which of course is just the tip of the iceberg of what is going on in the community, as for each hospitalized patient, there are many more out there. Since the spring, we have been seeing an increasing number of respiratory diseases, and since May there has been a surge in RSV cases.”.

RSV, or respiratory syncytial virus, usually appears in the winter together with the influenza, and is especially serious for very young children and older, vulnerable adults.

.“We usually see it disappearing in the summer, but if we consider the numbers now, it looks like winter in previous years,” said Brosh. “During the winter 2020-2021, we did not see one individual case of RSV.”.

RSV is not the only virus that is widely circulating – other diseases that are currently infecting a growing number of people are a type of adenovirus, the human metapneumovirus (HMPV), and the rhinovirus. All of them are associated with respiratory symptoms and other symptoms similar to those of a severe cold. At the same time, influenza has not hit the country since the winter previous to the pandemic..

“However, we are not checking the type of virus in all cases,” said Dr. Tal Snir, director of the Adolescent Clinic at Tel Aviv’s Sourasky Medical Center (Dana-Dwek Children’s Hospital)..

Snir noted that after the year of the pandemic, it is not surprising that these diseases are reappearing..

“We did not see them during the winter because we were wearing masks and because of the lockdowns, but they are normal viruses,” she said..

While no formal study appears to have been published on the topic, Brosh said that a similar phenomenon was reported in Australia a few months ago, when the country hit its summer after the first winter plagued by corona..

The number of children hospitalized with respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases has been exceptional also at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, said Dr. Giora Weiser, director of the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

“Children are going back to school, seeing friends and having a normal life again, and these viruses are taking their revenge,” said Weiser.

While there is no particular reason to be concerned, Weiser said that it has not been easy for the staff because of the work overload.

All experts agreed that nobody can predict how this surge of infections will continue to behave in the coming weeks and months.

“This is not a pandemic, these viruses exist in the country and every winter comes with illnesses,” Brosh said. “What is weird now is the season, and we do not know whether this will die soon or continue into next winter, and what will actually happen next winter.”

Slaughter of the Lambs: Is the Truth Movement False Opposition? (The most frustrating thing about the rigged election & covid scam is the lack of effective resistance.)

The most frustrating thing about the rigged election & covid scam is the lack of effective resistance. Apart from whinging on the Internet, Americans seem determined to bend over and take it up the ass. This is not what you’d expect from a fully-armed population. I can’t think of one new organization or political party that has emerged to confront this mortal threat. What is the reason?

Is this muted reaction due to a lack of leadership?  Is the “Patriot movement” also led by traitors? An example is the John Birch Society which was set up to resist the NWO without mentioning the Rothschilds, the Fed, Jews, Israel or Freemasonry. False opposition.

When Communists stole the 2020 election, the Supreme Court anointed their crime. And we’re supposed to believe in the electoral process? If anything, recent events have revealed that all politicians and professions serve the same master, and regard us as prey. They are traitors.

A disease with no symptoms, (or a few suspiciously like the common flu. ) 

We fell for this shite?  

A pandemic with a microscopic death rate? Hello! This is not a pandemic.  

Yet they line up to be injected with untried DNA-altering serum, masquerading as a “vaccine” doled out by Satanists and eugenicists?  When simple cheap treatments are  suppressed to promote the untested, unapproved vaccines?


(left, the dog is false opposition)

“The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves. And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock?” 

When I googled “Patriot movement, false opposition,” I got this smart 2011 article from my own site. 

JB wrote: “The movement was permitted – planned – because they knew … that the vast majority of humans are totally unconcerned about matters of principle – only direct [personal] threats can rouse them. And then they can easily be diverted.  Waking the Sheep was never a possibility.” 

Who is false opposition today? Who isn’t? Let’s compile a list. The pedlars of “hopium” like Q? Trump for sure. Whom else?

Disclaimer- Despite being an ethnic Jew, I am not false opposition. As an assimilated Jew, I put my country’s interests & humanity first.  God is Truth. Truth is my religion. My books are all self-published; I get zero MSM attention. 

BIG FIND!   Thanks to Jim Fetzer for featuring “Asha Logos.” Asha is a philosopher, social commentator, historian and defender of Western Culture all wrapped into one.

Finally, a credible vision of the way forward. Asha says that trying to prevent the crash of Western Civilization is playing a game of whac-a-mole that is poisoning our spirit. Western society is too corrupt to save, and that also applies to its acolytes. It is beyond repair. Do you agree?

Instead, he says we should devote our energies to creating a new culture which affirms our values.  He talks about false opposition too. 

Asha has the best “big picture” understanding of our predicament that I have heard Going forward I will try to promote a new culture based on discerning God’s Plan.   But, at the same time, I don’t think we have any choice but to resist our own genocide.

The entire truth movement is false opposition.

To suppose that the Elite did not anticipate the truth movement is to suppose that they had no plan for this demographic, and stand helpless and slack-jawed while the movement undermines their plans…

The movement was permitted – planned – because they knew … that the vast majority of humans are totally unconcerned about matters of principle – only direct threats can rouse them.

And then they can easily be diverted.  Waking the Sheep was never a possibility. A video I recommend is Aldous Huxley’s Gatekeepers of the 20%.

And if you would like to see Alex Jones totally expose himself as a shill, then watch this.

And it amazes me that 911 truthers cheer for Jesse Ventura disclosures and yet fail to note that Time Warner pays for his show, or that mainstream media is sounding the alarm over the new world order.


(Paul in Masonic handshake)

Or that Ron Paul makes satanic hand signs or that his wife and daughters are in free-masonic organizations. And Rand Paul showed his colors by pushing for austerity on the poor and helpless.

Some patriot! The banks rape us and now it’s time to trim the fat and kill the poor – many of whom are the most sensitive individuals in the society who don’t happen to be well adjusted to slavery. Go figure.

There is a reason that mainstream media is spreading the word about the new world order. There is a reason that men like Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff are invited again and again and again onto major networks.

I gotta hand it to the dark ones. They are way more clever than so called people of truth who more times than not settle for idol worship over painful reality.

It’s said by some that man is about to be wiped out. Perhaps its for the best because as things stand, our descendants will live in a hell world that will make Mad Max look like sweet freedom.


I am not provocative for personal reasons or to divide. Rather it seems that the best and the brightest in society have been duped by a ruthless enemy of  greater cunning and intelligence than is generally suspected and the movement needs a wake-up call.

The Illuminati are not bumbling fools who act without intelligent planning. A one world government that was widely despised would not have staying power in the long run.

A permanent scientific dictatorship would need to be something the people were manipulated to ask for. Hence, the concept of the straw-man bankster police state. It can’t escape your notice that the mainstream media has been sounding the alarm over the New World Order for some time now.


(l. Rush Limbaugh)

MSNBC even suggested recently that perhaps the time for violent revolt had come. Persons on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc, have made the NWO nearly a household word at this point -(Dobbs, Judge Napolitano, Beck, etc.)

And other less prominent figures including guests who espouse 911 conspiracy theories such as Kevin Barrett, etc. And while the hosts may mock them, the fact is that they are invited back repeatedly and often come off as very credible – that is, in the minds of those who look beyond ad-hominem attacks.

This gets to the concept that society breaks down into 2 groups (for purposes of this matter) – 1) a minority that can be roused to anger over a matter of principle & can process information and 2) the herd. To the herd, appearance is everything. To them, simply being mocked by O’Reilly, or whomever they are followers of, is enough to dismiss the matter. 

So I suggest that the media has engaged in a targeted disclosure of 911 as well as the New World Order. The scope of that disclosure is now being widened for reasons too complex to cover here.

I don’t assert or believe that the reason for the Elite’s sponsoring 911 Truth was to simply ensnare its adherents for Fema camps (They are not a true threat.)  

But rather to create a sort of psychic battery – a potential store of energy for change – for the destruction of the current order. The dynamics of it are somewhat complex and I don’t want this message to be too long. Suffice to say that that energy for change can easily be diverted to a close similar vector when the time comes – when the general public is hungry and desperate and combined disasters shake the foundations of the world. 

From the ashes can rise a “true brotherhood” of mankind. The seeds for which may be being planted by the likes of Zeitgeist/Venus project, and Michio Kaku’s claims that we need to grow into a Type 1 Society – notice he says that anyone who opposes it is a terrorist.


One small hint that the Truth Movement was not only foreseen but planned can be found in an obscure piece of evidence. Google image search “Gordo Remora” – the Illuminati game card from 1995 spoofs Geraldo Rivera suggesting that conspiracy theorists should be killed. 

There have long been conspiracy theorists but it was not until 911 that the issues became so hotly charged and divisive that media persons began openly suggesting that they should be tortured or worse. It just so happens to work out that Geraldo ends up being a central figure in this conflict – several times he has tangled with the truthers and now has been selected as the one to begin to reveal WTC7 truth.

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